August 25, 2014

Creating a Perfect Resume

Making the perfect resume is one of the hardest aspects of job hunting. Your resume is what lands you the interview. Think of it as a commercial for you! I have compiled some tips along the way of things I have learned resume making.

  • Don't list high school things if you are a Junior in college or older
  • Use action words (Created, Hosted, Planned) 
  • Make sure you use present tense for jobs you currently have and past for old jobs
  • Don't just list your tasks, list your accomplishments
  • Use words from the job posting in your resume 
  • Make sure there are no typos (Word won't catch issues like their, there)
  • Have a friend review it! One thing might make sense to you but not to anyone else
  • Avoid fancy jargon unless you are applying for a job in the field in which you are using jargon (Medical terms only for medical jobs etc. Don't use medical terms if you are applying to wait tables)
  • Add a minor touch of color! This makes it stand out
Always remember to smile if you land the interview!!

August 24, 2014

Living Colorful, Cheerful, and Creative- Thats me!

This is my very first blog post! This blog will feature a variety of aspects

Party Planning
Anything Lilly Pulitzer
All things Disney
Work and Career Tips
Fashion Advice