November 17, 2016

Disney Cruise- Pirate Night

Yo ho Yo ho - A Pirate's Life For Me! 

Pirate night on the Disney Dream was so much fun! I was nervous at first that only the kids would be dressed up, but boy was I wrong!

What to wear on pirate night

There are a few levels of intensity that I witnessed on Pirate night. There are the families that had head to toe full accessories and were super committed. Then there were the people like my mom and I, dressed up but not too intense. Then there were people that either didn't get the memo or just didn't care and wore their normal attire and perhaps added the bandana (Disney leaves a pirate bandana in your stateroom for every guest!)

If you have kids I say go for the 100% themed costumed attire. The kids will love this and you'll get some really cute photos. If you aren't comfortable dressing all the way up, I recommend dressing how my mom and I did. I'd say about 60-70% of people had some sort of pre-planned costume.

 I took a black and gray flowy dress and added leggings underneath it to keep warm in the evening. Then I added a simple white button down (It's actually a pool cover up that i tied into a shirt) with a large red belt over top. My mom wore a white peasant style top with black pants. Of course we wore hoop earrings and the bandanas provided from the cruise.

pirate night disney cruise outfit

 The "crew" was even dressed up for the occasion.

pirate night disney cruise outfit with crew
 Late in the evening there was a deck party with a buffet as well as fireworks at sea. I must admit the fireworks at sea are pretty amazing! Also, there is a pirate show with Jack Sparrow.

The buffet wasn't great for mom (she's a vegetarian), but I of course enjoyed the ever so famous turkey leg!

disney cruise pirate night buffetdisney cruise pirate night buffet

They also had crepes at the buffet that were pretty good, the line was just very long to get them! 
disney cruise pirate night crepes

Arrrr! I'm a pirate!

disney cruise pirate night bandana outfit