September 29, 2014


So for my last DCP I made a bucket list of things I wanted to do. I was able to complete many of these things, but there are also things I still want to do on my upcoming program! For those of you going on your DCP make sure you:

•Ride the sky coaster at Old Towne (My roomies and friend David surprised me on my birthday by taking me to go sky coasting. The Orlando one is the largest in the world at 300ft)

• Meet your roomies before the program on Facebook and have a pre move in dinner night 
•Go to the welcome party (it's alot of fun!)

•Eat dole whips at 3am at the Poly because you can

• Get a perfect score on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. Clearly I didn't...
• Go to the housing events. You get to meet really unique characters

•Bond with your roomies at all possible times (even Walmart shopping trips)

•Make friends at work

•It makes the break room that much more fun

•Go on the party bus (everyone must do this once, even if you aren't a partier)

•Rock a name tag that isn't yours (it makes for an interesting day)

• Do character meals (1900 is the best!)

•Attempt the Kitchen Sink

•Shop at the outlets

•Be the rebel spy on Star Tours (Note: this is easier to do if you make odd faces when you load into the ride)

•Go to night of stars

•Meet as many characters as possible

•Go to the beach

•Make the best friends ever

•Drink around the world

• Be selected on Laugh Floor to be on the mic

•Take funny ride pictures

• Get your face painted

• Go to Universal Studios

Now for the things I wish to do on my next program:
• Visit Winter the dolphin
•Go to Tampa
•Go to Miami
• Take a backstage tour
•Stay at new resorts
• Ride every single attraction at every park
• Go to Bush Gardens
• Take better advantage of the cm discounts
• Pick up shifts at new places

September 28, 2014

Helpful things to pack for the DCP

So it was requested that I make a packing list of things that were helpful for my DCP.
Before I start I will let you guys know that I lived in a 3 bedroom apartment in Chatham. We had a GREAT spot. We were right by the pool and laundry. We also were able to request ground floor at check in. We got to check in at 3am and were first in line to pick our unit. Now the system is all done online and I am not sure how I feel about that. are things that I found helpful or needed on my DCP

•A rolling laundry basket (I had a standard basket and it was tricky to carry to the laundry building with my heavy detergent etc)

• Bed Risers (there isn't much storage storage space, so this helps create under the bed space)

• Tension rod and curtains (since you can't hang things on the walls having a tension rod with curtains makes the room more exciting)

•Bulletin Board Fabric (my roomie covered her bulletin board in pretty fabric, it also added color)

•Hanging clothes organizer (the dressers in Chatham were tiny so we each had a hanging storage thing for tshirts etc)

•Under clothes for work (I went through so many tank tops and work out shorts that I wore underneath my work costume daily)

•Water Filter (Fl water is just gross)

•Floor rug (once again to add color to the room)

• Over the door hanging rack (for towels in bathroom and purses and coats in bedroom)

• Lunch bag (for work)

• Space bags (there were helpful when packing to move)

•A shelf type contraption ( I will post a picture below of what I am talking about)

•Cleaning supplies (it was nice to wipe down everything before moving in)

•Colorful thumbtacks (for the cork board)

•Hanging wall calendar (to keep track of shifts)

•Memory foam (the beds aren't soft, it was worth every penny)
Our move in mess

The finished product!
closet size

September 27, 2014


I DID IT!!! I got accepted for Concierge for the Spring 2015 Disney College Program!! It is a pretty funny story how I found out. I woke up on Friday thinking today was the day. I just had a weird gut feeling about it. The DCP seems to accept lots of people on Fridays. I checked my email almost every 5 minutes hoping to get in. Around 2-3pm I started ignoring my email because I was busy with other things. Side note- My grandparents are having a garage sale and my mom is in town from out of state to help them with the garage sale. So at 3:35pm I got an email ding noise. I didn't even think twice, and I clicked on my inbox. All I saw was WDW college recruiting: Congratulations!

 I started screaming and crying in the middle of my grandmas drive way in the middle of the garage sale. My mom was sitting right there with me and kept saying. Are you SURE its a yes are you SURE. I think she was worried I had misread the email. So once I confirmed that I was for sure in I was SOO happy. The next step was to click on my offer and find out my role. I was certain that I would be back in the BBB since I am a BBB alum. I was shaking and scared to death to view my role. I was worried I would have been placed in one of my no interest roles. To top it all off. My dashboard wasn't letting me log in. My computer has the password automatically saved and it was Still saying it was wrong. So I had to submit for a new password. In the mean time I am all frazzled and shaking and so nervous/excited. My mom reminded me that last time it took me about 20 minutes to get the courage to read my offer. So FINALLY I get my password fixed and view my offer. It was for concierge! At first I was like what?! I think I was in shock because I had such a feeling I would be back in the BBB. Concierge was my number 2 choice, and I am so excited. 

The next step was to pick my dates. I was freaking out because my lease ends Jan 18th and I have a BIG trip planned in early Jan. I was reallly hoping I could get a mid/late day in Jan. I was able to select Jan 19th which I was SO excited about. I didn't want to have to wait till Feb, and endure the cold (Ha, Georgia isn't even cold compared to most). Then I wanted to tell my grandparents in a super creative way. I decided to print out my acceptance letter for them. I told them they both needed to get their glasses and I turned off the TV so they could focus. I told them the piece of paper was for an IQ riddle test and they needed to start reading it at the same moment so it is fair. So they open it up and my grandma looks at me with a big grin within about 10 seconds. Then my grandpa is reading and reading and reading, and he just looks up and says Ok now what? He was truly looking for an IQ riddle test. I was like uhm read it again!! He had missed the top sentence that says Congrats Nicole. He was really searching for a riddle, and there wasn't one. I am SO mad at myself for not filming this moment. 

But that is my story. My dash is in a lovely place now :)

September 22, 2014

Magical Monday

Today was such an exciting Monday. No, I wasn't accepted, but I did lots of fun things to keep my mind off applications. My mom is in town from out of state and we went down to Lenox mall to pick up my new iphone 6. It is AMAZING. At first I thought I wouldn't enjoy the large size, but wow the display is so clear. That could possibly be because my iphone 5 had a shattered screen. I only waited in line about 20-30 minutes to get my phone. After getting my phone we went to dinner at True Food Kitchen. A friend of my recommended it, and it was AWESOME.

The atmosphere was so crisp and clean. Very refreshing like. I loved the outdoor patio and all the green decor.

The menu was amazing. There were so many vegan and vegetarian options to choose from. It was exciting to be overwhelmed for once while reading a menu. Usually I have 1-2 options. 

We got the hummus to start off with. It normally comes with Feta cheese on top,but since my mom cut out cheese for a while I got mine on the side. This was some of the best hummus I have had in a while.

I ordered the spaghetti squash casserole. It was so great. It tasted like a pasta manicotti dish, but with squash!

My mom had the inside out quinoa burger. She just ordered it without the cheese. She said the sauce made it extra amazing. 

After dinner we went next door to Sprinkles for cupcakes. We wanted to try the cupcake ATM! 

It is the coolest thing ever. Whoever came up with this idea is making bank.

We ordered the banana chocolate cupcake.

Here it is!

Bon Appetit! 

September 17, 2014

Vegetarian Creation

So was the buffalo dip a success or failure? Well it was pretty good!!!

The preparation went like this:

•1 block of cream cheese (8oz)
• 1/2 cup of hot sauce
•8oz bag of mexican cheese
• 16oz can of white beans

The process is pretty easy
This is the hot sauce I bought. I bought a wing flavored hot sauce because I have been craving wings so badly ever since I cut out meat. 

So the first step is to blend all of the ingredients together in a bowl (mins a handful of cheese )

Then take this mix and pour into an 8x8 pan. Then use the remainder of the cheese as a topping across the casserole dish. 

Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees
Or until the cheese is a golden brown type color on the top.

Cool and serve with tortilla chips or celery to give it a buffalo wing kind of flair!


Amazing DCP Blog

Anyone looking to follow an amazing DCP blog check THIS ONE out! She writes almost every day during her DCP as Concierge. Hopefully if I get accepted I can keep up with this blog that much. Reading her blog makes me want to be down in Orlando that much more! Come on Disney, please accept me already!!

Chef Nicole

So being a pescetarian (vegetaraian + seafood) has it's challenges. It is almost impossible to get food in a drive thru anymore. I miss grabbing Zaxbys and Chickfila for lunch. Now I eat Panera almost 4 days a week sometimes. But their Greek salad is to die for! Anyways... I have to cook most of my meals to save money and match my diet. This evening my boyfriends roomie's girlfriend had a buffalo chicken dip she made. Omgsh it looked amazing, but it killed me not being able to try it. So in search of finding something to match that dip (slightly) I jumped on Pinterest. I swear everything I make off Pinterest is a complete failure. Hopefully the recipes I found won't be a failure ( I will blog about the ones I try..oh boy)

Here is the vegetarian buffalo chicken dip I am going to try

Vegetarian Buffalo Chicken Dip

Looks amazing, right?! Well I guess I will find out in a few days.

In the mean time I am continuing to stare at my dash into the wee hours of the night. You would think that I would have figured out by now that the recruiters aren't in their offices NLIC people at 1am..Oh well..

Hope everyone has a magical day today :)