September 28, 2014

Helpful things to pack for the DCP

So it was requested that I make a packing list of things that were helpful for my DCP.
Before I start I will let you guys know that I lived in a 3 bedroom apartment in Chatham. We had a GREAT spot. We were right by the pool and laundry. We also were able to request ground floor at check in. We got to check in at 3am and were first in line to pick our unit. Now the system is all done online and I am not sure how I feel about that. are things that I found helpful or needed on my DCP

•A rolling laundry basket (I had a standard basket and it was tricky to carry to the laundry building with my heavy detergent etc)

• Bed Risers (there isn't much storage storage space, so this helps create under the bed space)

• Tension rod and curtains (since you can't hang things on the walls having a tension rod with curtains makes the room more exciting)

•Bulletin Board Fabric (my roomie covered her bulletin board in pretty fabric, it also added color)

•Hanging clothes organizer (the dressers in Chatham were tiny so we each had a hanging storage thing for tshirts etc)

•Under clothes for work (I went through so many tank tops and work out shorts that I wore underneath my work costume daily)

•Water Filter (Fl water is just gross)

•Floor rug (once again to add color to the room)

• Over the door hanging rack (for towels in bathroom and purses and coats in bedroom)

• Lunch bag (for work)

• Space bags (there were helpful when packing to move)

•A shelf type contraption ( I will post a picture below of what I am talking about)

•Cleaning supplies (it was nice to wipe down everything before moving in)

•Colorful thumbtacks (for the cork board)

•Hanging wall calendar (to keep track of shifts)

•Memory foam (the beds aren't soft, it was worth every penny)
Our move in mess

The finished product!
closet size

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