March 21, 2015

World's Worst Blogger

If World's Worst Blogger was an award I would have won it 4 times by now. I have been super busy hanging out with all of my work friends. I went to the beach yesterday with the Coronado Crew. Dapper Day was a few days ago. I felt very basic compared to the other Dapper kids. I wore a sundress and a big floppy hat, but people had on outfits that were clearly handmade etc. Today is my Monday and I am pretty tired thinking about that. I am going to head to bed now,but I promise I will post pictures from Dapper Day and other things soon! <3

March 7, 2015

On The Job Concierge Training

I am ALMOST finally done with alll of my training!!! I will officially "Earn my Ears" in concierge on Monday. I can't believe it has taken almost two months to be fully trained. I really enjoyed my on the job concierge training. My trainer basically let me dive right in. I love how at the concierge desk every situation is different. You aren't doing the same tasks over and over. I love it when people ask for dining and fast pass recommendations. I love being able to share my Disney knowledge with Guests.

I have been so busy outside of work. Brayton's family came to town last weekend and we spent the day in Universal in the POURING rain. I was freezing all day long. The new Harry Potter attraction is AMAZING though. We rode it 3 times, and we rode the new train 4 times. I upgraded my ticket to a season pass because I knew I would want to go back. After Universal we went to Ohanas for an amazing dinner!

Gringott's Bank

I went to Magic Kingdom with Emily a few days ago. We thought it would be funny to go to the Be Our Guest registration counter to try and get a reservation. They said there was nothing available, I wasn't giving up then! I got on the My Disney Experience app and kept refreshing. We were able to get a reservation for 3 DAY OF! I am going to include my review of Be our Guest in my next post! Tyler joined us for dinner and we went and met characters afterwards!

Magic Kingdom has this new frass (fake grass) area where you can use a fastpass for Wishes viewing. During the day anyone can hang out in the grassy area. Me and Emily got ice cream and hung out there for a while! Its so relaxing!

Artsy Grass Selfie-ha

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