February 25, 2015

DCP Q&A Survey

Hi Everyone!
For those of you curious about specific DCP roles I am going to make a Q&A vlog! I am going to compile a list of questions from you guys (and common questions I hear alot) into Q&A videos with current people working in those roles. I have made a google doc where you can add as many questions about the roles as you'd like!
 The roles I have interviewing are:
Special Events Tour Guide

You can add your username or name to the questions or post them as anon. Feel free to add as many as you'd like!



Destination Concierge

Today I finished the Disney University portion of my concierge training! I had 4 days of classes. The classes included lots of information about tickets, dining plans (which made the whole class so hungry), My Disney Experience,  and general Disney knowledge. I start my on the job training at Coronado on Monday! I work at Coronado tomorrow as a front desk cashier, then I am off Fri-Sun. Brayton will be in town Friday evening so it worked out perfect that I got the weekend off!

Yesterday I went to Hollywood Studios after class and met Mr Incredible.

 Then I went to Toy Story Mania with Emily. Emily has a bad history of getting stuck on attractions....and guess what....we got stuck! They actually had to evacuate us off the ride. It was pretty cool to be able to walk through the attraction. It would have been more fun to get stuck on an intense ride like Tower of Terror though.

The plague/black lung has come to Disney! All of my roomies have had some sort of cough/sniffles situations going on. Luckily I have avoided it so far, but I feel like my turn will be next. I bought Lysol spray and doused the whole apartment. Emily was convinced that I was going to attack her with the Lysol bottle in her sleep. Becky (voluntarily) went onto the porch "quarantine zone" when she was really sick the other day.

My friend Joe from my last DCP was in town this week! I got to hang out with him in Magic Kingdom along with his boyfriend. I am so upset that I didn't get a picture with Joe. I did however manage to take a photo of my first Disney Starbucks. I asked them to put my name as Mary Poppins (of course I did..) and they still managed to spell it wrong. Oh Starbucks...

Well I am hitting the sack early tonight. I have to be at Coronado at 8am, and I need to finallly get a good nights sleep!

February 18, 2015

Wild Side

Today I spent my day off at Animal Kingdom with my roommate Julia. We were able to ride quite a few things even though the park was very busy. We did Expedition Everest 2 times in a row on the single rider, and we never waited more than 10-15 minutes.
Please note the vlogging while riding

 Then we took our fast passes and rode Primeval Whirl. That ride is such a jerky adventure. We were placed in a ride vehicle with 2 boys that were about 8 and 11 and they said the ride was for babies. We were screaming like the ride was the scariest thing ever, I am sure the boys got a kick out of us.

Then we used another fast pass for It's Tough to be a Bug. I hate when 3D rides spit and shoot stuff at you, and this ride seems to only do that. Definitely not a favorite. Then we ventured to The Conservation Station. I had a field day here! There is a petting zoo and a live animal show that I have never been before. It was the cutest thing ever. There were pigs, a skunk,an owl, and even rats.

We then ventured to the Safari (another favorite). This was a great safari because the lions and cheetahs were very active. I am sad we missed the Giraffes, but all of the other animals were very active.

I was craving shrimp alfredo all day long. After Animal Kingdom we went to Publix and I got everything I needed to create my epic dish!!

February 16, 2015

Box Runner

Yesterday I logged 5 miles at work and I never even left the lobby. Basically I was responsible for delivering magic bands to guests all day. We had a group checking in that was about 1000 people. Because that is so much larger then a normal check in day we had 6 girls "box running". Normally when you check a guest in you get their magic band box yourself from the back, but having the box runners expedited the check in time. My feet were killing me at the end of my shift because my tennis shoes I wore weren't mine (I borrowed some since it was a 1 day thing). 

Lovely box runner costume

My feet hurt so badly

After work I went and got Mexican food with Julia. The place we went is such a hidden gem in Orlando. There was hardly a crowd, but the food and prices were great! It is called La Finca, and it is right by the Caribe Royal.

I have today and Tue Wed off this week! I am going to spend most of today doing chores... laundry, grocery shopping, going to the cast member discount store before it closes etc...

I just posted the youtube video of Brayton's visit (part 1) Check it out!

For Valentine's Day Brayton had chocolate covered strawberries mailed to me. OMG they are the best chocolate covered strawberries I have ever had. I am sad that I only have 1 left. I could eat them every day haha. 

February 13, 2015

Been So Busy

I have been so busy the past few days that I have forgotten to blog. I know, I am an awful blogger! In the past few days let me think what has happened...I had 3 days off in a row (wahoo!) I spent one whole day (basically) sleeping. This was after my shift that lasted till 2am. The 2am shift wasn't too horrible because it was a busy day at the resort. I have been doing some outlet mall shopping lately, which is getting dangerous for my bank account. But when the deals are that good you have to take them!

I have a shift coming up as a "Box runner" not sure what exactly this means, but I will fill you guys in on that later. I have about 1 more week solo on front desk and then I move to concierge. It will be weird to transition away from the front desk. I love everyone that is on the desk with me so it will be sad to relocate (across the lobby)

So far I have really enjoyed front desk. Everyone (for the most part) is super cheerful when checking in. I really enjoy when a guest comes up to me and thinks their request has no way of being filled and I am able to make it happen! It can get frustrating when a guest is given wrong information from another source, and because of this has a less then magical experience. We always try and accommodate as much as possible but sometimes there is truly nothing we can do. I hate that for the guests when that happens.

I have the best boyfriend ever. He sent me flowers today just because, I thought they were Valentine's day flowers but I was wrong. He said I have another package arriving tomorrow for my Valentine. <3

I have work 11-7 on Valentines day. I was going to go to MK after work, but I hear the princes aren't going to be meeting with the princesses anyways, so we shall see..


February 8, 2015

Park Fun With Brayton

Ok so Brayton's surprise didn't quite go as planned, but it is a funny story.

So I was taking my time thinking I had all the time in the world, and Brayton calls and says he is about 15 minutes from the resort. I freaked out and loaded up my car as fast as possible. He pulled into the resort about the same time as me. So I told him to wait in the check in parking. I had to run to the room to set up his surprise. I got him birthday balloons and a birthday banner to hang in the room for him.

 I am an idiot and never took a picture of this though. Sorry about that!

After he arrived we went and had dinner in Celebration, and the place was really good! It was called Celebration Harbor (or something along those lines). After dinner we went back to the room and went to bed early for our park day.

Our park day started out sooo disastrous. I was getting ready and realized I hadn't packed my tennis shoes in my over night bag, and there was no way I could last a 14 hour park day in flip flops. So as we were leaving to run to my apartment to grab the shoes I forgot my car keys. I then had to run all the way back to the room to get my keys. When I did this I left my magic band in the room. LUCKILY I thought to pack my main gate cast entrance pass in my purse. When we arrived at the park I realized I had no magic band and almost freaked out. That would have just been the frosting on the cake had I left my main entrance pass at home too.

We FINALLY made it into EPCOT, our plan to be at rope drop at 9am turned into a 930am arrival. Which wasn't too bad considering all of our mishaps. We were able to walk onto Soarin with only a 15 minute wait, which was very exciting! After Soarin we did single rider on Test Track (walked right on), then we went over to Mission Space and walked right on that one as well.  Then we rode the Sum of All Thrills in innovations. This is a pretty cool hidden gem. You get to design your own roller coaster track, then ride it in a simulator. We waited about 30 minutes for this (our longest Epcot wait), but it was so worth it!

Next, we headed over to World Showcase. It was about 11:15am at this point, and the showcase had just opened. It was really nice because the crowds were so slim this time of day. We walked right up to Mulan.

After Mulan we had lunch in Germany. Brayton had the brats, and I had mac and cheese with sauerkraut (ha quite the combo)

I have never really spent time watching the shows throughout the World Showcase, but it seemed like our timing was perfect for each show. We caught some of the Italian flag dancing, the Japanese drum show, and the Canadian log cutting show.  We also watched the Voices of Liberty. This was my first time watching them, and let me tell you, they were AMAZING! If you are in Epcot go check them out!

We stopped to get a picture with Mary Poppins (my fav!) in The UK pavilion.

After we finished the World Showcase we decided to ride Figment, The Land, and Nemo. Then we left EPCOT to drive back to the resort for a quick nap. At this point I had already logged about 8 miles of walking on my health app, so my feet were killing me.

At 5:15 I made reservations for the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show (this was part of Brayton's bday gift) I am going to do a separate review post about dinner. But briefly, it was great! However, I do prefer the Hoop De Doo Review still..

After dinner we went to Magic Kingdom. At this point it was getting sooo cold outside. Ha, I say cold and it was maybe 55 degrees.

We had fast passes for Space Mtn, Pirates of the Carribean, and Big Thunder Mountain. We were also able to walk right on to Haunted Mansion, It's a Small World, and the Teacups. The longest wait we had all day was for Jungle Cruise (about 30-40 minutes). Even the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train only took us 25 minutes. Buzz lightyear was about a 20 minute wait as well.

Overall the crowds weren't too bad at all. The park was open till 2am for resort guests, but we left around midnight because it was cold, we were tired, and we had ridden everything we wanted to. I am not sure how Brayton made it after dinner to Magic Kingdom, he ate enough food at dinner for a small village (lol).

Talk to Yall Soon!

February 6, 2015

Brayton's Coming To Town

Today is the day! Brayton will be here in about 7 hours!!! I am SOOO excited :) I have some surprises for him, but I won't say what just incase he sees this (somehow..).. We are celebrating his birthday while he is in town (about 3 days early). I can't wait to show you guys the surprises!

 I finally have days off. I got Friday and Saturday off this weekend, and next week I even have three days off! I have officially earned my ears on the front desk at Coronado Springs. I will begin concierge training around Feb 23rd, but until then I am working the front desk.

Yesterday I got to shadow the bell service team. The bellmen work so hard, so make sure you always tip them! Tip your housekeepers too! I had a lovely costume yesterday. It was so awful that it made me appreciate the green pant suit.
The epic green pant suit

Isn't it fabulous! Hehe.

Last night we went to the Goofy welcome event. We got free pizza and danced a little bit by the stage. It was interesting to see everyone dancing...some people were REALLY getting into it, lol. 

Talk To Yall Soon!

February 2, 2015

Almost Done With Front Desk Training

Wednesday is my last day of Front Desk training! Wahooo! I am so excited to take my "earning my ears" badge off. Tomorrow I have a property orientation class. It is kind of odd because I had my on the job training before my property orientation. I am excited to learn about the story behind Coronado Springs. After I finish my front desk training I will work the desk until late February, and THEN I will begin concierge training. I am dyinggg to get over to the concierge desk. I love it when guests ask me for dining information or recommendations at the front desk. Since I worked at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique on my last program I was able to create magical moments all of the time. It is a bit different working the desk. However, when I am able to create these moments they mean even so much more. I got to create a really neat surprise gift for someone today and yesterday. Doing things like this make the job so worth it :) My boyfriend is coming down this weekend, and I am so excited!!!!! We are going to celebrate his birthday and Valentine's Day early!

Thursday I have to do a shift shadowing the bell service greeters. I went and picked up my costume today...It is quite the sight to see. I will post a photo after I work that shift....

Yesterday I went to Hollywood Studios with Becky and met the Green Army Man and also met Frozone and Mr Incredible. I told Frozone that I know he is the original freezer (not Elsa), and he really appreciated that :)