February 6, 2015

Brayton's Coming To Town

Today is the day! Brayton will be here in about 7 hours!!! I am SOOO excited :) I have some surprises for him, but I won't say what just incase he sees this (somehow..).. We are celebrating his birthday while he is in town (about 3 days early). I can't wait to show you guys the surprises!

 I finally have days off. I got Friday and Saturday off this weekend, and next week I even have three days off! I have officially earned my ears on the front desk at Coronado Springs. I will begin concierge training around Feb 23rd, but until then I am working the front desk.

Yesterday I got to shadow the bell service team. The bellmen work so hard, so make sure you always tip them! Tip your housekeepers too! I had a lovely costume yesterday. It was so awful that it made me appreciate the green pant suit.
The epic green pant suit

Isn't it fabulous! Hehe.

Last night we went to the Goofy welcome event. We got free pizza and danced a little bit by the stage. It was interesting to see everyone dancing...some people were REALLY getting into it, lol. 

Talk To Yall Soon!

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