February 25, 2015

Destination Concierge

Today I finished the Disney University portion of my concierge training! I had 4 days of classes. The classes included lots of information about tickets, dining plans (which made the whole class so hungry), My Disney Experience,  and general Disney knowledge. I start my on the job training at Coronado on Monday! I work at Coronado tomorrow as a front desk cashier, then I am off Fri-Sun. Brayton will be in town Friday evening so it worked out perfect that I got the weekend off!

Yesterday I went to Hollywood Studios after class and met Mr Incredible.

 Then I went to Toy Story Mania with Emily. Emily has a bad history of getting stuck on attractions....and guess what....we got stuck! They actually had to evacuate us off the ride. It was pretty cool to be able to walk through the attraction. It would have been more fun to get stuck on an intense ride like Tower of Terror though.

The plague/black lung has come to Disney! All of my roomies have had some sort of cough/sniffles situations going on. Luckily I have avoided it so far, but I feel like my turn will be next. I bought Lysol spray and doused the whole apartment. Emily was convinced that I was going to attack her with the Lysol bottle in her sleep. Becky (voluntarily) went onto the porch "quarantine zone" when she was really sick the other day.

My friend Joe from my last DCP was in town this week! I got to hang out with him in Magic Kingdom along with his boyfriend. I am so upset that I didn't get a picture with Joe. I did however manage to take a photo of my first Disney Starbucks. I asked them to put my name as Mary Poppins (of course I did..) and they still managed to spell it wrong. Oh Starbucks...

Well I am hitting the sack early tonight. I have to be at Coronado at 8am, and I need to finallly get a good nights sleep!

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