February 13, 2015

Been So Busy

I have been so busy the past few days that I have forgotten to blog. I know, I am an awful blogger! In the past few days let me think what has happened...I had 3 days off in a row (wahoo!) I spent one whole day (basically) sleeping. This was after my shift that lasted till 2am. The 2am shift wasn't too horrible because it was a busy day at the resort. I have been doing some outlet mall shopping lately, which is getting dangerous for my bank account. But when the deals are that good you have to take them!

I have a shift coming up as a "Box runner" not sure what exactly this means, but I will fill you guys in on that later. I have about 1 more week solo on front desk and then I move to concierge. It will be weird to transition away from the front desk. I love everyone that is on the desk with me so it will be sad to relocate (across the lobby)

So far I have really enjoyed front desk. Everyone (for the most part) is super cheerful when checking in. I really enjoy when a guest comes up to me and thinks their request has no way of being filled and I am able to make it happen! It can get frustrating when a guest is given wrong information from another source, and because of this has a less then magical experience. We always try and accommodate as much as possible but sometimes there is truly nothing we can do. I hate that for the guests when that happens.

I have the best boyfriend ever. He sent me flowers today just because, I thought they were Valentine's day flowers but I was wrong. He said I have another package arriving tomorrow for my Valentine. <3

I have work 11-7 on Valentines day. I was going to go to MK after work, but I hear the princes aren't going to be meeting with the princesses anyways, so we shall see..


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