February 16, 2015

Box Runner

Yesterday I logged 5 miles at work and I never even left the lobby. Basically I was responsible for delivering magic bands to guests all day. We had a group checking in that was about 1000 people. Because that is so much larger then a normal check in day we had 6 girls "box running". Normally when you check a guest in you get their magic band box yourself from the back, but having the box runners expedited the check in time. My feet were killing me at the end of my shift because my tennis shoes I wore weren't mine (I borrowed some since it was a 1 day thing). 

Lovely box runner costume

My feet hurt so badly

After work I went and got Mexican food with Julia. The place we went is such a hidden gem in Orlando. There was hardly a crowd, but the food and prices were great! It is called La Finca, and it is right by the Caribe Royal.

I have today and Tue Wed off this week! I am going to spend most of today doing chores... laundry, grocery shopping, going to the cast member discount store before it closes etc...

I just posted the youtube video of Brayton's visit (part 1) Check it out!

For Valentine's Day Brayton had chocolate covered strawberries mailed to me. OMG they are the best chocolate covered strawberries I have ever had. I am sad that I only have 1 left. I could eat them every day haha. 

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