December 28, 2014

Packing Vlog- Part 1

I completed my first packing Vlog. This is just the early stages of packing, but I thought it might be helpful for everyone headed to The Disney College Program!!! Check it out :) 

December 27, 2014

The Disney Tag!!!!

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone had a very magical Christmas! I know mine was very "disney-fied". My family has a tradition of always using Disney themed wrapping paper.
Love the Hidden Mickeys in this paper!

I am going to do a Disney Tag questionnaire to fill my time until my DCP! 
Coming up next:
 Packing post
New Vlogs

A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience.
I would love to be able to fly. So I guess the flying sequence from Peter Pan. 

An unforgettable experience/moment you've had at the parks.
I have always wanted a Disney balloon. The one with the clear bubble and the pink Minnie inside. I had a few ex boyfriends epically fail at this. They said the balloons were too expensive or forget etc. My current boyfriend and I went to Disney and he was on Main Street about to buy my balloon. Then the lady said it was cash only and neither of us ever carry around cash. So almost in tears, my balloon was a fail again. Then we went back to Magic Kingdom a year later, with cash in hand! We were leaving the park and Brayton and I didn't see a balloon in sight. My heart sank thinking that my balloon was never going to be received. We went in the Emporium and he asked the cast members if they had any balloons. We explained my story and the one cm ran to the back saying that the extra balloons were sometimes tied up in the back. She came back with my pink ballon!!!! It finally happened. I started crying right in the middle of the Emporium. This balloon took about 6 years to get! The cast members even started tearing up as well. This was one of my most magical moments at Disney! 

What non-Disney song(s) reminds you/brings back memories of Disney and/or the parks? 

The flying song from Peter Pan, the people version (non Disney). Disney has started using this song in commercials and in the parks. I LOVE it! 
Here it is if you want to listen!

When was the first time you went to a Disney park?

I was about 3 years old. Apparently there was a hurricane coming through and we had to stop in a random hotel during the drive down. It was like 3am and I told everyone I wanted to organize the luggage. Ha, some things never change. 

If you could choose any Disney character to be your best friend, who would you choose? 

If we are talking "best friend" as in I get to "hang out" with this character I would love to hang out with the Step Sisters!! They would be such cool "friends" 
However if I could pull a character out of a movie and have them in my daily life I would love to be friends with Tinkerbell so I could fly everywhere. Although her sass would get to me, so maybe Peter Pan. 

Who are you favorite Disney princesses?
Wow this is tricky. I feel like I am constantly changing this answer. I love Ariel (90's kid). I am also really into Rapunzel lately. 

Name a scene/moment in any Disney movie that never fails to make you cry.

UP. Oh my God! I can't handle that one. Also the scene in Toy Story 3 when Andy is leaving for college. I was about to go to college when this one came out so I was dyinggg. Also when Mickey escorts P Travers into the Mary Poppins premiere in Saving Mr Banks. 

What is the first Disney movie you remember seeing?
Oh my gosh I have NO idea. Maybe Aladdin or The Lion King. I can recall watching both of these as a child. I have no clue which one was first though. 

What is your favorite Disney movie?
This isn't a fair question. I have so many favorites for different reasons. I always love any Pixar movies for sure. Right now my favorites have to be Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story and I like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies also.

 Who is your favorite Disney villain?
 I have always loved the Step Sisters from Cinderella. I love a good comical villian. I don't like dark villians.  Lotso is really cute.  I don't like his character but I love how he looks. 

What is your least favorite Disney movie?
I really wasn't a big fan of Brave. Don't hate me. 

What is your favorite Disney song?
I love the songs from Lilo and Stitch. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride is so much fun!

What Disney Character (s) has your personality or has your dream personality?

Hmmm. This is tricky. I love how Mary Poppins does it all. I guess I relate to any Disney character that loves singing (Ariel). 

If you could change any scene in a Disney movie, what would it be and why?
I would let Ellie live with Carl in UP. That was torture to watch. 

If you had to get stuck on any ride in any Disney park for more than 30 minutes, what would you want it to be?
I have been stuck in Haunted Mansion for that long and that was pretty fun. It would be fun to get stuck in the air on Soarin (I love heights). 

December 23, 2014

My first VLOG!!!

I just uploaded and posted my very first vlog! Wahooo! I can't really film much footage until I move to Orlando,but I will try and keep it as busy as I can!

December 21, 2014

A New Venture

I'm am excited to announce that I am going to be joining the "vlogger" world. I have fallen in love with so many DCP vlogs, and I want to be able to record my memories as well. I have started filming and editing my first vlog, and it will feature my packing catastrophe for my college program. I still plan to blog as well, but look out for videos coming up!

28 days till Disney!!

December 13, 2014

DIY- Lilly Pulitzer Calendar

Sorry it has been ages since my last blog post! Now that I am officially finished with college (forever!) I will have more time to blog before my Disney Internship. I did a little DIY project with my old Lilly Pulitzer agenda book!

First: Buy a blank 6x6 calendar, most craft stores sell these. I got mine last year when Archivers was going out of business for about $3, but they usually don't cost more than $10. Make sure you don't get any larger than a 6x6 or the edges will be very plain.
Second: Take your monthly agenda pages out of your old Lilly planner. I used my 2012 book I believe. 

 Third: Crop the edges off to make the pages even on the sides. I used my scrapbooking paper cutter to do this. That really helped make the edges smooth and consistent. Try and cut as little as possible off.

Fourth: Measure the length of the agenda page to crop off the extra paper on the top. I saved this paper for future crafts and the cover page!
Fifth: Glue the paper onto the blank portion of the calendar. Make sure to glue each corner well or it will peel over time. I used elmer's scrapbook double sided tape. 

Sixth: Write the dates out onto the calendar. Don't make the mistake I did and write the dates wrong. Luckily I used white out (as noticeable below)

Seventh: For the cover page I took the into page out of my agenda and framed it with the scraps from the cropping on the monthly pages. 

This was a pretty simple project and it only took me about 20-30 minutes! This is a really easy way to re use your Lilly Pulitzer agenda pages. This calendar is also the perfect size for my Disney College Program bulletin board in my room! 

November 30, 2014

Disney Look- Traditions

Wow. I am officially the worst blogger ever. It has been wayyyy to long since I have posted, and I am so sorry about that!

This post is going to focus on Disney Look, the professional attire. These guidelines come from the Disney Careers website. Disney Look- Website

Business Attire for Women
  • Professional options for women include dress pants with a classic style blouse or sweater, skirted or pants suit, dress with or without a jacket, and business-style walking shorts with a blouse and jacket or vest.
  • A blazer or suit may be required at certain times, depending on your work location and the nature of your role. Check with your area leader for more information.
  • Sleeveless tops and dresses are permitted, provided the sleeve width is no fewer than three inches (approximately 7.6 cm). Tank tops, spaghetti straps, and other casual styles are not acceptable.
  • Traditional and professional style mid-calf Capri pants are permitted. Cotton twill, cargo, leggings or other casual styles of Capri pants do not present a professional image and are therefore not permitted.
  • Cotton twill full-length pants (i.e., Dockers®, khakis) are permitted only if they are neatly pressed, creased, and appear to be professionally laundered.
  • Non-costumed cast members are permitted to wear a short- or long-sleeved oxford style dress shirt with property-specific embroidered logo. A blazer is optional.
  • In addition to the options above, non-costumed women in Sports and Recreation atWalt Disney World® Resort are permitted to wear dress or golf-style shorts no shorter than three inches (7.6 cm) above the top of the knee. Shorts may be paired with a professional-style blouse (as detailed above) or with a neat, well-maintained polo or golf-style shirt. Shorts are not permitted for females in Golf Operations or for office-based cast in this area.
  • Clothing not permitted includes polo or golf-style shirts (except for Sports and Recreation cast), cargo-style pants, t-shirts, sundresses, leggings, casual shorts, wrap-around shorts, one-piece rompers and garments made of denim fabrics.
  • Winter jackets and coats should present a professional appearance and should be made of fabrics traditionally acceptable in business. For example, wool, leather and micro fiber offer good choices. Denim, nylon, satin and other casual fabrics would not meet these professional guidelines.
Clothing Lengths
Dress and skirt lengths may range from three inches (7.6 cm) above the top of the kneecap bone to the bottom of the ankle. The length of shorts should be from the top of the kneecap bone to three inches (7.6 cm) above the top of the kneecap bone. Slits in skirts, kick pleats and buttoned or snapped closures should not exceed five inches (12.7 cm) above the middle of the knee. Pants should be long enough to touch the bottom of the ankle.

Fabrics and Patterns

Fabrics should be those traditionally acceptable for business, such as tweed, wool, cotton, polyester, silk, linen, rayon or blends of these fibers. Unacceptable fabrics include spandex, gauze, metallic fabrics, sheer fabrics, clinging knits, denim and chambray. Patterns that are large graphics, large company and non-company logos, and styles that suggest extremely casual sportswear are not permitted.

After going through my closet I put together a few outfit options. Since my role for the Disney College Program is Concierge I will (so I hear) have many days of training at Disney University. Because of this I need to make sure and pack multiple professional outfits. My main struggle is my Traditions outfit. Disney is the strictest during Traditions, so this outfit needs to be 100% approved no question. I will make a note that during Traditions you will have to clip a radio on your belt to hear the class audio. Some people might not care about this, but being in a dress last time I felt silly having to clip the radio onto the back of my dress (Hunchback style!). So if this matters to you make sure you wear either pants or a skirt so you can clip the device onto your waistband. 

My first choice outfit is a salmon silk blouse from Jcrew (The outlet has amazing prices for work attire, and students get 15% off) The pants are a dressy khaki ankle crop pant with white polka dots. I got these at the C Wonder outlet a while back. 

Another favorite option is to wear one of these dresses with my black blazer. My only hesitation is because of my previous comment about needing a waistband for the radio. 

My next option is blue pinstripe dress pants (again, great deal at Jcrew) and my red short sleeve sweater from Forever 21 ages ago. 

I need to invest in some black dress pants because I have two nice dressy tops I could pair with black (Also both from Jcrew, notice a trend hehe)

My last option is a Disney professional outfit for a Spring concierge training day. I wouldn't wear the seersucker in January. 

I am so overwhelmed on which outfit to pick and what to pack! My main advice about Disney look is, if you are hesitant about an outfit..don't wear it!!

I have 49 days left to figure everything out!!!!!!

November 21, 2014

Coming Up!

Whoa! It has been way too long since I have blogged. I have been busy with work and school lately, but I promise things will pick back up over break! I am going to be posting some DIY DCP projects. I am going to be making some frames and such to liven up my DCP room :) Please comment if there are any specific posts you want me to do in the future!

November 9, 2014

DCP Vlogs

I love watching vlogs. Sometimes I end up staying awake till 2-3am watching DCP vlogs. As fun as it is, I always regret the decision the next day when I can't stay awake. I want to share a list of my favorite DCP vlogs with everyone. I also might start a vlog for my DCP. However, I don't have a camera, and I don't think my iphone would cut it.


This vlogger is from NZ and posts almost daily. I love keeping up with her videos since she is on the DCP right now.

Not a vlog, but this video has lots of great DCP info:
This is my DCP roomies channel. Hopefully I will be in some of her vlogs once we get to Orlando!!

Feel free to comment your channel below!!!!!

November 3, 2014

2500 Page Views

Ack! 2500 page views!!! I started this blog out as a way to journal through my DCP application and acceptance process. Now it is starting to turn into so much more! Thank you everyone for reading my posts. Please comment below if there are specific topics you want me to cover about the DCP (or anything really). I will officially be in Orlando in 77 days, and I couldn't be more excited :)

October 31, 2014

Phone Screener

So this post is from September 12th, but because I didn't want to post it until later on. Update: I have not heard anything back. It was a very fun process though and I plan on re applying on my DCP!

So today (9/12) I had my phone screener. It was scheduled for 1pm and she called at 12:52pm, and it lasted 19 minutes. So always be prepared early! I am so glad they called early because waiting for the phone to ring is so scary! I also recommend scheduling your interview in the morning or early afternoon. If your interview is past like 2-3pm it will give you anxiety ALL day. This way I woke up, showered, relaxed a bit, and then had my interview. The questions were very basic and reminded me of the DCP interview.

•Why do you want to do a PI?
•Rank top 3 PIs.
•What do you think those PIs do/Why do you want them?
•Tell me your least favorite and favorite aspect of your current job?
•When have you had a leadership role?

Much easier than I expected. She said that I should know yes or no by late October, but she did not have an official date for me. I feel that late October is fairly early for the PI program. I had to do my interview in my car because there is no phone signal in my apartment. I was literally soaked in sweat afterwards because my notes were covering the vents on my car and it is like 90 degrees outside, and I was stressed out!

 I wore my Disney World 2014 castle tshirt for good luck!

Overall I feel pretty good about it, but only time will tell. Now I can just sit back and continue stalking my dashboard! My Alum only dash moved back to in progress after the interview, but I have heard this is totally normal.

October 26, 2014

Tips and Tricks: Epcot

My next Tips and Tricks is going to feature Epcot! Epcot is actually my favorite park at Walt Disney World. I LOVE Wold Showcase's atmosphere and the attractions in Future World.


• My favorite snack in the world showcase is the sauerkraut in Germany. I used to get Bratwurst with it, but now that I don't eat meat I simply order the sauerkraut.  (I will discuss the beer in this photo later!)
• Another great place to get food in Epcot is the French Bakery! You can get a ham and cheese croissant for around $4. The bakery features lots of great sandwich type items for really great prices. 

• My favorite sit down restaurant in Epcot is tied between Le Cellier and Tutto Italia. Both of these restaurants are a bit pricy, but great if you are on the dining plan!

• My FAVORITE adult beverage in Epcot is the beer featured in the German pavilion. It is called Schofferhofer Grapefruit beer. This beer is so light and refreshing and great for a hot day in the parks. The only downside is that it is only 2-3% alcohol. So it is a bit pricy for what you are getting, but so worth it!

Club Cool- This is the place to go for  Coke samples. You can try different varieties of Coke from around the world, for FREE!

La Cava Del Tequila- This place is a hidden gem in Mexico. Tucked away inside the pyramid, this is the best place to go and cool off or avoid the rain storms at 3pm. I normally refuse to drink anything with tequila, but their coffee margarita is amazing. It tastes just like a frappuchino. My friend told me if you are sharing a drink with a friend to order it served in two glasses and you usually get more for your money. Also they always have specials at La Cava if you follow their Twitter page. Last time I was there you got a $5 shot or free chips and salsa for a Twitter follow. 

Sangria- Ordering a pitcher of Sangira in the Tutto Gusto Italian Wine Cellar (another hidden gem) is the best bang for your buck. The sangria is pretty yummy, and one of the best deals in world showcase. 


The Dolphin Show in The Seas is amazing. I loved watching them do tricks for their trainers. This show happens periodically though out the day in the back corner of The Seas aquarium. 

Test Track- If you are a General Motors employee you can get fast passes for Test Track!

Figment- Don't laugh, but Figment is one of my favorite attractions. There is never a line and its always cute to watch. 

 Malestrom- RIP, this was one of the best rides in Epcot, and I am so sad to see it go to be replaced by a Frozen ride :(

Mission Space-  The nice thing about Mission Space is that they now offer two levels for the ride. A more easy level and the more intense ride. After drinking around the world I highly suggest the easier level! 

October 23, 2014

Sick Day-Calling In

Since I am currently sick I figured I would make a post about getting sick and calling out. When I worked in the Bibbdidi Bobbidi Boutique I was constantly sick because of touching the little kids faces and hands. I also had an awful respiratory thing from the hair spray fumes. Hopefully I won't be sick as much this time around! So my very first week of training I woke up one morning with a high fever and found out I had strep throat.I was in a panic worried that I was going to be sent home for being sick. I called the managers and found out that if I got a doctors note I could miss a certain amount of days (I want to say it was 5-6) and it would only be 1 point ( you can only do this once). One girl however was sick at first and just didn't call or show up for a week. DONT do this or they will send you home. You HAVE to call!

 The point system works like this.
 1 second-2 hours late = 1/2 point
2 hours late- whole day = 1 point
 3 "no shows" (not calling in) result in being termed

 You can get 3 points in 30 days 6 in 60 etc before getting a reprimand. Upon a 4th reprimand you are termed. However to have a good rehire status for extending etc you cannot have more than 5 points or 1 reprimand. The system is kind of confusing, but once it is explained to you in person it makes more sense. When you get a reprimand you have to sit down with a manager and sign off acknowledging you know what could happen next if you continue on. Calling in was a simple process. You simply call the number Disney provides and state if the day is sick or personal. As a college program participant it doesn't matter if it is sick or personal, but they have to ask that because the system is a bit different for normal full time employees.

 However some of my friends in different departments called their managers directly to call in ( they were in Entertainment)

 Another concern people have is what doctor they will see. Unless you are from Central Florida your doctor obviously won't be nearby. I had to use the urgent care right outside of Downtown Disney. I do believe they have a shuttle that will pick up college program students with out cars as well! CVS also has a service called the minute clinic. This would be a good place to go for something simple like a strep test etc.

 Just make sure to take care of yourself, get rest, and wash your hands frequently and you will be fine! Wish me luck in feeling better :)

October 21, 2014

Making Your Work Costume Cute

When I did my college program I was always looking for ways to make my costume cuter. Since there are such strict "Disney Look" policies it is very hard to do so. Here are some recommendations on how to:

Watch- a watch is one of the few pieces of jewelry you can wear to work. Having a cute watch can make your costume a bit more bearable. The watch just has to be "classic business style" I love This one!

Earrings- Every day in the BBB I always had on a different pair of earrings. The rules were pretty simple. The earrings had to be smaller than the size of a quarter. I would rock pearls, diamond studs, little flowers, and little bow earrings. Disney Look just requires that the earrings match your costume colors or are silver or gold. These would be pretty in a color to match your costume!

Hair Accessories- My work location was ok with tiny hair ribbons that matched my costume color.A few of my friends were also able to do this however some locations do not like the ribbons.
Accessories no larger than one inch (approximately 2.5 cm) wide (approximately 2.5 cm) wide and four inches (approximately 10 cm) long are acceptable. Headbands, hair ribbons, or hair ties are acceptable, provided that they are no wider than one inch (2.5 cm).Accessories must be a neutral color (silver, gold, tortoiseshell, black, clear or pearl) or a solid color that matches the costume.No more than three small accessories may be worn at once." (Disney Look hair accessories guidelines)

Rings- You are allowed to wear one ring on each hand (with the exception of a wedding band).  I know for Christmas I am asking for a pretty ring I can wear to work. Keep in mind the ring can't be anything too out there (no skull rings etc) This one is very pretty

•Shoes- Last DCP I made the mistake of picking super dorky looking shoes. Brands are coming out with more and more attractive shoe styles that still have comfort. Comfort is the first priority,but don't pick out a shoe you can't stand (like I did).

October 20, 2014

Tips and Tricks: Magic Kingdom

After living and working in Walt Disney World for 7 months I was able to accumulate some tips and tricks for each park on property. I am going to start with Magic Kingdom because I feel it is the common favorite for everyone.


• Columbia Harbor House- This is my favorite hidden gem. There is always seating available upstairs,and they have the best fish and chips on property. Large dishes=sharing!

•The Plaza- If you want to sit down somewhere and be waited on, The Plaza is the place to go. You can get sandwiches and yummy dessert here
right off main street for a very reasonable price

•Pecos Bills- Omg the toppings bar is amazing. If you order something simple like chili or french fries you can fill it high with "fixins", I used to get chili and top it with mushrooms,cheese, sour cream, and onions. Great $4 small meal. 

•Casey's Corner- This quick service location off main street also has a toppings bar. They serve hot dogs, so if you order a plain hot dog you can top it with wonderful things (sauerkraut was my fav!)

•Dole Whip- This is the best snack on property. Located in Adventureland

•The Laugh Floor- There is never much of a line for this show, and if you sit in the middle on the edge of a row you are more likely to get selected for the show.

•Any attraction- always take the left line when the line breaks. Everyone instinctively goes to the right.

•Disney's Electrical Parade- Best viewing location is in Liberty Square.

•Teacups- This one always has a fairly short line, and is one of my favorites!

•Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin- Rumor has it you can get the picture printed for free if you get a perfect score! Don't forget to grab an I'm Celebrating button when you get 999,999

Traditions- No Spoilers

Everyone has been asking me questions about Traditions. The problem is there are so many blog posts about it that really spoil surprises. I had those surprises ruined for me when I did my first DCP, so I promise this post contains no spoilers :) I just wanted to post something helpful for future cast members.

I had the early traditions session (it was done alphabetically and the cut off was around N I think). You will have to board the bus super early when it is still dark outside if you have the AM session. If I remember correctly our bus boarding was at 6:45am. Even if you brought a car you are highly recommended to take a bus to traditions (Honestly, maybe required)

Once you get to Disney University you go through a check in process and finally get your employee ID (because this is your first official day as a CM). Then you are broken into smaller groups, also alphabetical. One of my roommates was in my classroom group so that made it more fun for me. Don't worry if you are split up from friends for Traditions though. This day is a great opportunity to meet new people, and everyone is in the same boat.

The class is about  3 hours long and consists of videos, learning about Disney history, games, and basic training information. After the apprx 3 hour session there is some hands on type learning that takes about an hour.

In total the whole experience was around 4 hours long. The nice thing about the AM session is that you can get admission to the parks afterwards!

 •Don't worry about packing a lunch, just pack a snack.
•Make sure you are dressed professionally. 
•Wear comfortable walking shoes.
•If you have tattoos, cover them.
•Ladies, bring a cardigan incase classrooms are cold
•Go in with an open mind and have fun!

October 13, 2014

Packing List

I officially will be in Orlando in 97 days! I am so beyond excited. Since I have passed the 100 day mark I felt it was appropriate to begin my packing list. I am very organized and OCD when it comes to packing. Making this list is helping me so that I don't forget little things here and there. If you would like to view the list you can view it HERE . Making this list is helping me stay busy until those 97 days pass!

October 9, 2014

Chatham Square

I know part of the excitement for the Disney College Program is selecting your housing complex. I am not too familiar with all of the complexes, but I thought I would share my insight about Chatham Square. On my college program in 2012 I lived in a 3 bedroom apartment in Chatham Square. The process back then was a little bit different. You went and waited in line at check in with your roommates that you wanted. The earlier you got there the better your chances were of receiving your first choice. My group arrived at 3:30am, and we were the first group to select our housing.
Roomies: L-R Top: Chelsea, Julia, Andrea Bottom: Morgan, Demi, Me
We got our first choice of a 3bedroom in Chatham Square. We were even able to request ground floor and a good location. Unfortunately with the system being all online now it is harder to make specific requests.

So about our unit!

When you walk in the unit you have the kitchen on your left and the den on your right. Right past the den was mine and Morgan's room. I loved our spot because we could keep our door open and still feel part of the action in the kitchen even if we were in our rooms. Our room was about the same size as the others, but a bit smaller than one of the rooms. Our closet had two stacked hanging racks (one up high and one down low) and then one long rack for dresses and longer things. We each took one of the stacked racks and shared the long one. Our Bathroom was decent sized. There was a medicine cabinet for extra storage. The shower/tub are standard size. 
Moving in my room

Outside of our bedroom was the nook with the kitchen table. Then down the hall there was another nook with a desk. On the right of the hall was one bedroom and facing the back of the hall was the additional bedroom. Something interesting about the other two bedrooms was the layout. The largest room had two bathroom doors. One led to the hallway and the other led to the bedroom. The additional bedroom was unique because the closet was in the restroom. 
My Room

For kitchen space we had a decent amount. We were each able to have one shelf in the pantry. The only area that was a struggle was the fridge. Most of my roommates enjoyed cooking so the fridge was always crammed. I would recommend a 2 bedroom unit if you enjoy cooking alot. 
Our Kitchen

The nice thing about Chatham is that you are convenient to the bus stop, classrooms, and housing events. We were right across from the building that had laundry. We were also next to the pool and mailboxes. I loved our location so much! (27103!)

My only downside to Chatham was the new ness. Our apartment was fine, but then when I saw Patterson I was bummed. My friends in Patterson appeared to have more of a "luxury apartment" feel. Their carpets and furnishings were much newer, simply because Patterson IS newer. The only downside to Patterson is their sinks aren't behind the restroom doors.

Overall, I loved Chatham and plan to return there for my upcoming DCP!

October 7, 2014

Just Keep Swimming

Today I got very exciting news! I was at work in the middle of a conversation and saw I had an email from Disney recruiting about an interview. Since I was in the middle of handling something I wasn't able to open up the email. Finally I was able to see what position the interview is for. It is for Alum Only Events "Screener". I was a bit confused at first because I already had my alum only screener, but apparently alum events has a screener too. My interview is scheduled for Thursday at 11am, and I couldn't be more excited!!!

October 6, 2014

Becky Got In!

My friend Becky and I met a few months back to catch up and grab dinner. Over the course of conversation we both learned that we wanted to work for Disney in Spring 2015. Then we decided we could both apply and live together! Long story short Becky now dates my boyfriend's roomie. Sooo I was at the boy's house the other night and everyone seemed to be up to no good. Becky hadn't heard back yet for her DCP and I had. So a few minutes into the evening Becky tells me to come look at this guys cake. So I walk over and read the cake. First off, it is pink, so that was odd thinking it was a guy's cake. Then I read it and it says: All I needed was faith trust and pixie dust..

 Then I tilt my head and think..what??? Then Becky screamed " I GOT IN!!!"

It was so exciting to finally be able to celebrate with her! She was accepted for the role of Merchandise and has the same dates as me. That evening we celebrated in style by wearing our mouse ears (she packed a pair for me) to Taco Mac.

October 5, 2014

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Ok so I have been getting alot of questions about my past role, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Hostess (BBB for short). Another name I went by was FGIT (Fairy Godmother in Training).

My work experience: Many people ask what type of experience got me this role. I used to work birthday parties as a costumed character (Princess mainly). In the parties we did face painting, nails, makeup etc.. I also have been involved in theater and dance my whole life, so in my interview I also discussed how I would help the younger children backstage with their hair and makeup. I also had a ton of kids volunteer experience and work experience.

The Job: So being a FGIT is considered one of the best jobs on property. The main daily tasks included doing hair, makeup, and nails on girls aged 3-12. Every once in a while you would get a little prince. For their process you spike their hair and put this colored hair paint in it. The boys also get to keep a sword and shield with their transformation. Aside from working a chair (doing hair etc) you can also be placed on podium. The podium handles the front desk check in process. The clock in system randomly selects who will work podium for the day. Although, it seems the same ladies always got that role.

The Locations: There are 2 locations for the BBB. Downtown Disney and in the castle at Magic Kingdom. The DTD location (where I was) opens at 9am to guests. The earliest shift I ever had was 8:30am. When you arrive at 8:30 you help stock the supply carts and participate in the morning meeting.  The DTD location closes at 8pm. There is also a "night podium" position at DTD. This FGIT stays in the World of Disney until 10pm pixie dusting people and posing for pictures. This is really fun because most guests think you are a costumed princess or something! Magic Kingdom opens earlier but also closes earlier (and has no night podium) The MK location is almost impossible to get walk ins for. DTD can take some walk ins depending on the season. DTD plays pop type music and has an upbeat vibe. MK plays classical tunes and has a more posh sophisticated feel. DTD also has a daily princess parade through DTD. This is alot of fun and a nice break from the inside.

The Costume: 
The DTD location wears a red vest and the MK location wears a blue vest. Other than that the skirt and blouse are the same. Word of warning, the blouse doesn't breathe. You will wear black mary jane style shoes. Some girls wore ballet flats, but I think a strap across the shoe is preferred. Some of the girls were brave and wore character heels every day.  You will also have to wear a halo on your head each day as well. 

Packages: The basic package comes with hair and makeup. The next package adds nails (only $5 more) and the "Castle Package" comes with a princess dress, crown, wand, and then hair makeup and nails. All the girls get to keep their makeup kit and nail polish. There are a few different hair styles, but all styles involve either braiding,twisting, or high pony tails

The experience: The good of this job is endless. You are always covered in pixie dust (glitter), which I loved!! You get to make little girls into their favorite princess (As a FGIT you explain that you are 300 years old and you are training to be a real Fairy Godmother like Cinderella's. To practice for training you help the princesses get ready each and every morning) My favorite magical moment on my CP was when a little boy (about 3-4 ) came in a for a "knight package" (this is the boy one). He was such a happy little kid and enjoyed every second. During his transformation his mom asked if she could plug up his feeding tube, and of course I said go ahead! Then she started to explain to me that her son had extremely progressed cancer (I think it was brain cancer but I can't recall). When parents tell you about their struggles it makes it so hard to stay in character and continue the process. Her son was so cheerful and happy you would have never known that he could lose his life any day. His mother then proceeded to break into some tears while telling me this story. At this time I was about done with his hair. I told him that it was time to see his transformation (they face away from the mirror). I handed him his shield and sword and told him to yell CHARGGGE when I spun him around... 3,2,1 Charge! He shouted. He loved seeing his cool hair and new look. He enjoyed the spinning chair so much that he asked to spin again. I ended up spinning him around and letting him yell charger about 4-5 times. It was the highlight of his day. His mother told me that moments like this are so precious for their family because their moments with him are so limited. I will always remember that little prince!

Overall, working the BBB was such a fun experience. Like any job it has it's moments, but I do miss being part of such a magical environment. It was so wonderful seeing how you really brightened families days at the BBB. For my future CP I am going to be in the concierge role. I am looking forward to this because one of my favorite BBB questions from parents was about dining or what rides they should do etc..

September 29, 2014


So for my last DCP I made a bucket list of things I wanted to do. I was able to complete many of these things, but there are also things I still want to do on my upcoming program! For those of you going on your DCP make sure you:

•Ride the sky coaster at Old Towne (My roomies and friend David surprised me on my birthday by taking me to go sky coasting. The Orlando one is the largest in the world at 300ft)

• Meet your roomies before the program on Facebook and have a pre move in dinner night 
•Go to the welcome party (it's alot of fun!)

•Eat dole whips at 3am at the Poly because you can

• Get a perfect score on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. Clearly I didn't...
• Go to the housing events. You get to meet really unique characters

•Bond with your roomies at all possible times (even Walmart shopping trips)

•Make friends at work

•It makes the break room that much more fun

•Go on the party bus (everyone must do this once, even if you aren't a partier)

•Rock a name tag that isn't yours (it makes for an interesting day)

• Do character meals (1900 is the best!)

•Attempt the Kitchen Sink

•Shop at the outlets

•Be the rebel spy on Star Tours (Note: this is easier to do if you make odd faces when you load into the ride)

•Go to night of stars

•Meet as many characters as possible

•Go to the beach

•Make the best friends ever

•Drink around the world

• Be selected on Laugh Floor to be on the mic

•Take funny ride pictures

• Get your face painted

• Go to Universal Studios

Now for the things I wish to do on my next program:
• Visit Winter the dolphin
•Go to Tampa
•Go to Miami
• Take a backstage tour
•Stay at new resorts
• Ride every single attraction at every park
• Go to Bush Gardens
• Take better advantage of the cm discounts
• Pick up shifts at new places