October 31, 2014

Phone Screener

So this post is from September 12th, but because I didn't want to post it until later on. Update: I have not heard anything back. It was a very fun process though and I plan on re applying on my DCP!

So today (9/12) I had my phone screener. It was scheduled for 1pm and she called at 12:52pm, and it lasted 19 minutes. So always be prepared early! I am so glad they called early because waiting for the phone to ring is so scary! I also recommend scheduling your interview in the morning or early afternoon. If your interview is past like 2-3pm it will give you anxiety ALL day. This way I woke up, showered, relaxed a bit, and then had my interview. The questions were very basic and reminded me of the DCP interview.

•Why do you want to do a PI?
•Rank top 3 PIs.
•What do you think those PIs do/Why do you want them?
•Tell me your least favorite and favorite aspect of your current job?
•When have you had a leadership role?

Much easier than I expected. She said that I should know yes or no by late October, but she did not have an official date for me. I feel that late October is fairly early for the PI program. I had to do my interview in my car because there is no phone signal in my apartment. I was literally soaked in sweat afterwards because my notes were covering the vents on my car and it is like 90 degrees outside, and I was stressed out!

 I wore my Disney World 2014 castle tshirt for good luck!

Overall I feel pretty good about it, but only time will tell. Now I can just sit back and continue stalking my dashboard! My Alum only dash moved back to in progress after the interview, but I have heard this is totally normal.

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