October 20, 2014

Traditions- No Spoilers

Everyone has been asking me questions about Traditions. The problem is there are so many blog posts about it that really spoil surprises. I had those surprises ruined for me when I did my first DCP, so I promise this post contains no spoilers :) I just wanted to post something helpful for future cast members.

I had the early traditions session (it was done alphabetically and the cut off was around N I think). You will have to board the bus super early when it is still dark outside if you have the AM session. If I remember correctly our bus boarding was at 6:45am. Even if you brought a car you are highly recommended to take a bus to traditions (Honestly, maybe required)

Once you get to Disney University you go through a check in process and finally get your employee ID (because this is your first official day as a CM). Then you are broken into smaller groups, also alphabetical. One of my roommates was in my classroom group so that made it more fun for me. Don't worry if you are split up from friends for Traditions though. This day is a great opportunity to meet new people, and everyone is in the same boat.

The class is about  3 hours long and consists of videos, learning about Disney history, games, and basic training information. After the apprx 3 hour session there is some hands on type learning that takes about an hour.

In total the whole experience was around 4 hours long. The nice thing about the AM session is that you can get admission to the parks afterwards!

 •Don't worry about packing a lunch, just pack a snack.
•Make sure you are dressed professionally. 
•Wear comfortable walking shoes.
•If you have tattoos, cover them.
•Ladies, bring a cardigan incase classrooms are cold
•Go in with an open mind and have fun!

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