October 21, 2014

Making Your Work Costume Cute

When I did my college program I was always looking for ways to make my costume cuter. Since there are such strict "Disney Look" policies it is very hard to do so. Here are some recommendations on how to:

Watch- a watch is one of the few pieces of jewelry you can wear to work. Having a cute watch can make your costume a bit more bearable. The watch just has to be "classic business style" I love This one!

Earrings- Every day in the BBB I always had on a different pair of earrings. The rules were pretty simple. The earrings had to be smaller than the size of a quarter. I would rock pearls, diamond studs, little flowers, and little bow earrings. Disney Look just requires that the earrings match your costume colors or are silver or gold. These would be pretty in a color to match your costume!

Hair Accessories- My work location was ok with tiny hair ribbons that matched my costume color.A few of my friends were also able to do this however some locations do not like the ribbons.
Accessories no larger than one inch (approximately 2.5 cm) wide (approximately 2.5 cm) wide and four inches (approximately 10 cm) long are acceptable. Headbands, hair ribbons, or hair ties are acceptable, provided that they are no wider than one inch (2.5 cm).Accessories must be a neutral color (silver, gold, tortoiseshell, black, clear or pearl) or a solid color that matches the costume.No more than three small accessories may be worn at once." (Disney Look hair accessories guidelines)

Rings- You are allowed to wear one ring on each hand (with the exception of a wedding band).  I know for Christmas I am asking for a pretty ring I can wear to work. Keep in mind the ring can't be anything too out there (no skull rings etc) This one is very pretty

•Shoes- Last DCP I made the mistake of picking super dorky looking shoes. Brands are coming out with more and more attractive shoe styles that still have comfort. Comfort is the first priority,but don't pick out a shoe you can't stand (like I did).

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