October 9, 2014

Chatham Square

I know part of the excitement for the Disney College Program is selecting your housing complex. I am not too familiar with all of the complexes, but I thought I would share my insight about Chatham Square. On my college program in 2012 I lived in a 3 bedroom apartment in Chatham Square. The process back then was a little bit different. You went and waited in line at check in with your roommates that you wanted. The earlier you got there the better your chances were of receiving your first choice. My group arrived at 3:30am, and we were the first group to select our housing.
Roomies: L-R Top: Chelsea, Julia, Andrea Bottom: Morgan, Demi, Me
We got our first choice of a 3bedroom in Chatham Square. We were even able to request ground floor and a good location. Unfortunately with the system being all online now it is harder to make specific requests.

So about our unit!

When you walk in the unit you have the kitchen on your left and the den on your right. Right past the den was mine and Morgan's room. I loved our spot because we could keep our door open and still feel part of the action in the kitchen even if we were in our rooms. Our room was about the same size as the others, but a bit smaller than one of the rooms. Our closet had two stacked hanging racks (one up high and one down low) and then one long rack for dresses and longer things. We each took one of the stacked racks and shared the long one. Our Bathroom was decent sized. There was a medicine cabinet for extra storage. The shower/tub are standard size. 
Moving in my room

Outside of our bedroom was the nook with the kitchen table. Then down the hall there was another nook with a desk. On the right of the hall was one bedroom and facing the back of the hall was the additional bedroom. Something interesting about the other two bedrooms was the layout. The largest room had two bathroom doors. One led to the hallway and the other led to the bedroom. The additional bedroom was unique because the closet was in the restroom. 
My Room

For kitchen space we had a decent amount. We were each able to have one shelf in the pantry. The only area that was a struggle was the fridge. Most of my roommates enjoyed cooking so the fridge was always crammed. I would recommend a 2 bedroom unit if you enjoy cooking alot. 
Our Kitchen

The nice thing about Chatham is that you are convenient to the bus stop, classrooms, and housing events. We were right across from the building that had laundry. We were also next to the pool and mailboxes. I loved our location so much! (27103!)

My only downside to Chatham was the new ness. Our apartment was fine, but then when I saw Patterson I was bummed. My friends in Patterson appeared to have more of a "luxury apartment" feel. Their carpets and furnishings were much newer, simply because Patterson IS newer. The only downside to Patterson is their sinks aren't behind the restroom doors.

Overall, I loved Chatham and plan to return there for my upcoming DCP!

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