October 5, 2014

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Ok so I have been getting alot of questions about my past role, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Hostess (BBB for short). Another name I went by was FGIT (Fairy Godmother in Training).

My work experience: Many people ask what type of experience got me this role. I used to work birthday parties as a costumed character (Princess mainly). In the parties we did face painting, nails, makeup etc.. I also have been involved in theater and dance my whole life, so in my interview I also discussed how I would help the younger children backstage with their hair and makeup. I also had a ton of kids volunteer experience and work experience.

The Job: So being a FGIT is considered one of the best jobs on property. The main daily tasks included doing hair, makeup, and nails on girls aged 3-12. Every once in a while you would get a little prince. For their process you spike their hair and put this colored hair paint in it. The boys also get to keep a sword and shield with their transformation. Aside from working a chair (doing hair etc) you can also be placed on podium. The podium handles the front desk check in process. The clock in system randomly selects who will work podium for the day. Although, it seems the same ladies always got that role.

The Locations: There are 2 locations for the BBB. Downtown Disney and in the castle at Magic Kingdom. The DTD location (where I was) opens at 9am to guests. The earliest shift I ever had was 8:30am. When you arrive at 8:30 you help stock the supply carts and participate in the morning meeting.  The DTD location closes at 8pm. There is also a "night podium" position at DTD. This FGIT stays in the World of Disney until 10pm pixie dusting people and posing for pictures. This is really fun because most guests think you are a costumed princess or something! Magic Kingdom opens earlier but also closes earlier (and has no night podium) The MK location is almost impossible to get walk ins for. DTD can take some walk ins depending on the season. DTD plays pop type music and has an upbeat vibe. MK plays classical tunes and has a more posh sophisticated feel. DTD also has a daily princess parade through DTD. This is alot of fun and a nice break from the inside.

The Costume: 
The DTD location wears a red vest and the MK location wears a blue vest. Other than that the skirt and blouse are the same. Word of warning, the blouse doesn't breathe. You will wear black mary jane style shoes. Some girls wore ballet flats, but I think a strap across the shoe is preferred. Some of the girls were brave and wore character heels every day.  You will also have to wear a halo on your head each day as well. 

Packages: The basic package comes with hair and makeup. The next package adds nails (only $5 more) and the "Castle Package" comes with a princess dress, crown, wand, and then hair makeup and nails. All the girls get to keep their makeup kit and nail polish. There are a few different hair styles, but all styles involve either braiding,twisting, or high pony tails

The experience: The good of this job is endless. You are always covered in pixie dust (glitter), which I loved!! You get to make little girls into their favorite princess (As a FGIT you explain that you are 300 years old and you are training to be a real Fairy Godmother like Cinderella's. To practice for training you help the princesses get ready each and every morning) My favorite magical moment on my CP was when a little boy (about 3-4 ) came in a for a "knight package" (this is the boy one). He was such a happy little kid and enjoyed every second. During his transformation his mom asked if she could plug up his feeding tube, and of course I said go ahead! Then she started to explain to me that her son had extremely progressed cancer (I think it was brain cancer but I can't recall). When parents tell you about their struggles it makes it so hard to stay in character and continue the process. Her son was so cheerful and happy you would have never known that he could lose his life any day. His mother then proceeded to break into some tears while telling me this story. At this time I was about done with his hair. I told him that it was time to see his transformation (they face away from the mirror). I handed him his shield and sword and told him to yell CHARGGGE when I spun him around... 3,2,1 Charge! He shouted. He loved seeing his cool hair and new look. He enjoyed the spinning chair so much that he asked to spin again. I ended up spinning him around and letting him yell charger about 4-5 times. It was the highlight of his day. His mother told me that moments like this are so precious for their family because their moments with him are so limited. I will always remember that little prince!

Overall, working the BBB was such a fun experience. Like any job it has it's moments, but I do miss being part of such a magical environment. It was so wonderful seeing how you really brightened families days at the BBB. For my future CP I am going to be in the concierge role. I am looking forward to this because one of my favorite BBB questions from parents was about dining or what rides they should do etc..

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