September 29, 2014


So for my last DCP I made a bucket list of things I wanted to do. I was able to complete many of these things, but there are also things I still want to do on my upcoming program! For those of you going on your DCP make sure you:

•Ride the sky coaster at Old Towne (My roomies and friend David surprised me on my birthday by taking me to go sky coasting. The Orlando one is the largest in the world at 300ft)

• Meet your roomies before the program on Facebook and have a pre move in dinner night 
•Go to the welcome party (it's alot of fun!)

•Eat dole whips at 3am at the Poly because you can

• Get a perfect score on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. Clearly I didn't...
• Go to the housing events. You get to meet really unique characters

•Bond with your roomies at all possible times (even Walmart shopping trips)

•Make friends at work

•It makes the break room that much more fun

•Go on the party bus (everyone must do this once, even if you aren't a partier)

•Rock a name tag that isn't yours (it makes for an interesting day)

• Do character meals (1900 is the best!)

•Attempt the Kitchen Sink

•Shop at the outlets

•Be the rebel spy on Star Tours (Note: this is easier to do if you make odd faces when you load into the ride)

•Go to night of stars

•Meet as many characters as possible

•Go to the beach

•Make the best friends ever

•Drink around the world

• Be selected on Laugh Floor to be on the mic

•Take funny ride pictures

• Get your face painted

• Go to Universal Studios

Now for the things I wish to do on my next program:
• Visit Winter the dolphin
•Go to Tampa
•Go to Miami
• Take a backstage tour
•Stay at new resorts
• Ride every single attraction at every park
• Go to Bush Gardens
• Take better advantage of the cm discounts
• Pick up shifts at new places

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