December 28, 2014

Packing Vlog- Part 1

I completed my first packing Vlog. This is just the early stages of packing, but I thought it might be helpful for everyone headed to The Disney College Program!!! Check it out :) 

December 27, 2014

The Disney Tag!!!!

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone had a very magical Christmas! I know mine was very "disney-fied". My family has a tradition of always using Disney themed wrapping paper.
Love the Hidden Mickeys in this paper!

I am going to do a Disney Tag questionnaire to fill my time until my DCP! 
Coming up next:
 Packing post
New Vlogs

A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience.
I would love to be able to fly. So I guess the flying sequence from Peter Pan. 

An unforgettable experience/moment you've had at the parks.
I have always wanted a Disney balloon. The one with the clear bubble and the pink Minnie inside. I had a few ex boyfriends epically fail at this. They said the balloons were too expensive or forget etc. My current boyfriend and I went to Disney and he was on Main Street about to buy my balloon. Then the lady said it was cash only and neither of us ever carry around cash. So almost in tears, my balloon was a fail again. Then we went back to Magic Kingdom a year later, with cash in hand! We were leaving the park and Brayton and I didn't see a balloon in sight. My heart sank thinking that my balloon was never going to be received. We went in the Emporium and he asked the cast members if they had any balloons. We explained my story and the one cm ran to the back saying that the extra balloons were sometimes tied up in the back. She came back with my pink ballon!!!! It finally happened. I started crying right in the middle of the Emporium. This balloon took about 6 years to get! The cast members even started tearing up as well. This was one of my most magical moments at Disney! 

What non-Disney song(s) reminds you/brings back memories of Disney and/or the parks? 

The flying song from Peter Pan, the people version (non Disney). Disney has started using this song in commercials and in the parks. I LOVE it! 
Here it is if you want to listen!

When was the first time you went to a Disney park?

I was about 3 years old. Apparently there was a hurricane coming through and we had to stop in a random hotel during the drive down. It was like 3am and I told everyone I wanted to organize the luggage. Ha, some things never change. 

If you could choose any Disney character to be your best friend, who would you choose? 

If we are talking "best friend" as in I get to "hang out" with this character I would love to hang out with the Step Sisters!! They would be such cool "friends" 
However if I could pull a character out of a movie and have them in my daily life I would love to be friends with Tinkerbell so I could fly everywhere. Although her sass would get to me, so maybe Peter Pan. 

Who are you favorite Disney princesses?
Wow this is tricky. I feel like I am constantly changing this answer. I love Ariel (90's kid). I am also really into Rapunzel lately. 

Name a scene/moment in any Disney movie that never fails to make you cry.

UP. Oh my God! I can't handle that one. Also the scene in Toy Story 3 when Andy is leaving for college. I was about to go to college when this one came out so I was dyinggg. Also when Mickey escorts P Travers into the Mary Poppins premiere in Saving Mr Banks. 

What is the first Disney movie you remember seeing?
Oh my gosh I have NO idea. Maybe Aladdin or The Lion King. I can recall watching both of these as a child. I have no clue which one was first though. 

What is your favorite Disney movie?
This isn't a fair question. I have so many favorites for different reasons. I always love any Pixar movies for sure. Right now my favorites have to be Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story and I like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies also.

 Who is your favorite Disney villain?
 I have always loved the Step Sisters from Cinderella. I love a good comical villian. I don't like dark villians.  Lotso is really cute.  I don't like his character but I love how he looks. 

What is your least favorite Disney movie?
I really wasn't a big fan of Brave. Don't hate me. 

What is your favorite Disney song?
I love the songs from Lilo and Stitch. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride is so much fun!

What Disney Character (s) has your personality or has your dream personality?

Hmmm. This is tricky. I love how Mary Poppins does it all. I guess I relate to any Disney character that loves singing (Ariel). 

If you could change any scene in a Disney movie, what would it be and why?
I would let Ellie live with Carl in UP. That was torture to watch. 

If you had to get stuck on any ride in any Disney park for more than 30 minutes, what would you want it to be?
I have been stuck in Haunted Mansion for that long and that was pretty fun. It would be fun to get stuck in the air on Soarin (I love heights). 

December 23, 2014

My first VLOG!!!

I just uploaded and posted my very first vlog! Wahooo! I can't really film much footage until I move to Orlando,but I will try and keep it as busy as I can!

December 21, 2014

A New Venture

I'm am excited to announce that I am going to be joining the "vlogger" world. I have fallen in love with so many DCP vlogs, and I want to be able to record my memories as well. I have started filming and editing my first vlog, and it will feature my packing catastrophe for my college program. I still plan to blog as well, but look out for videos coming up!

28 days till Disney!!

December 13, 2014

DIY- Lilly Pulitzer Calendar

Sorry it has been ages since my last blog post! Now that I am officially finished with college (forever!) I will have more time to blog before my Disney Internship. I did a little DIY project with my old Lilly Pulitzer agenda book!

First: Buy a blank 6x6 calendar, most craft stores sell these. I got mine last year when Archivers was going out of business for about $3, but they usually don't cost more than $10. Make sure you don't get any larger than a 6x6 or the edges will be very plain.
Second: Take your monthly agenda pages out of your old Lilly planner. I used my 2012 book I believe. 

 Third: Crop the edges off to make the pages even on the sides. I used my scrapbooking paper cutter to do this. That really helped make the edges smooth and consistent. Try and cut as little as possible off.

Fourth: Measure the length of the agenda page to crop off the extra paper on the top. I saved this paper for future crafts and the cover page!
Fifth: Glue the paper onto the blank portion of the calendar. Make sure to glue each corner well or it will peel over time. I used elmer's scrapbook double sided tape. 

Sixth: Write the dates out onto the calendar. Don't make the mistake I did and write the dates wrong. Luckily I used white out (as noticeable below)

Seventh: For the cover page I took the into page out of my agenda and framed it with the scraps from the cropping on the monthly pages. 

This was a pretty simple project and it only took me about 20-30 minutes! This is a really easy way to re use your Lilly Pulitzer agenda pages. This calendar is also the perfect size for my Disney College Program bulletin board in my room!