September 27, 2014


I DID IT!!! I got accepted for Concierge for the Spring 2015 Disney College Program!! It is a pretty funny story how I found out. I woke up on Friday thinking today was the day. I just had a weird gut feeling about it. The DCP seems to accept lots of people on Fridays. I checked my email almost every 5 minutes hoping to get in. Around 2-3pm I started ignoring my email because I was busy with other things. Side note- My grandparents are having a garage sale and my mom is in town from out of state to help them with the garage sale. So at 3:35pm I got an email ding noise. I didn't even think twice, and I clicked on my inbox. All I saw was WDW college recruiting: Congratulations!

 I started screaming and crying in the middle of my grandmas drive way in the middle of the garage sale. My mom was sitting right there with me and kept saying. Are you SURE its a yes are you SURE. I think she was worried I had misread the email. So once I confirmed that I was for sure in I was SOO happy. The next step was to click on my offer and find out my role. I was certain that I would be back in the BBB since I am a BBB alum. I was shaking and scared to death to view my role. I was worried I would have been placed in one of my no interest roles. To top it all off. My dashboard wasn't letting me log in. My computer has the password automatically saved and it was Still saying it was wrong. So I had to submit for a new password. In the mean time I am all frazzled and shaking and so nervous/excited. My mom reminded me that last time it took me about 20 minutes to get the courage to read my offer. So FINALLY I get my password fixed and view my offer. It was for concierge! At first I was like what?! I think I was in shock because I had such a feeling I would be back in the BBB. Concierge was my number 2 choice, and I am so excited. 

The next step was to pick my dates. I was freaking out because my lease ends Jan 18th and I have a BIG trip planned in early Jan. I was reallly hoping I could get a mid/late day in Jan. I was able to select Jan 19th which I was SO excited about. I didn't want to have to wait till Feb, and endure the cold (Ha, Georgia isn't even cold compared to most). Then I wanted to tell my grandparents in a super creative way. I decided to print out my acceptance letter for them. I told them they both needed to get their glasses and I turned off the TV so they could focus. I told them the piece of paper was for an IQ riddle test and they needed to start reading it at the same moment so it is fair. So they open it up and my grandma looks at me with a big grin within about 10 seconds. Then my grandpa is reading and reading and reading, and he just looks up and says Ok now what? He was truly looking for an IQ riddle test. I was like uhm read it again!! He had missed the top sentence that says Congrats Nicole. He was really searching for a riddle, and there wasn't one. I am SO mad at myself for not filming this moment. 

But that is my story. My dash is in a lovely place now :)

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