October 20, 2014

Tips and Tricks: Magic Kingdom

After living and working in Walt Disney World for 7 months I was able to accumulate some tips and tricks for each park on property. I am going to start with Magic Kingdom because I feel it is the common favorite for everyone.


• Columbia Harbor House- This is my favorite hidden gem. There is always seating available upstairs,and they have the best fish and chips on property. Large dishes=sharing!

•The Plaza- If you want to sit down somewhere and be waited on, The Plaza is the place to go. You can get sandwiches and yummy dessert here
right off main street for a very reasonable price

•Pecos Bills- Omg the toppings bar is amazing. If you order something simple like chili or french fries you can fill it high with "fixins", I used to get chili and top it with mushrooms,cheese, sour cream, and onions. Great $4 small meal. 

•Casey's Corner- This quick service location off main street also has a toppings bar. They serve hot dogs, so if you order a plain hot dog you can top it with wonderful things (sauerkraut was my fav!)

•Dole Whip- This is the best snack on property. Located in Adventureland

•The Laugh Floor- There is never much of a line for this show, and if you sit in the middle on the edge of a row you are more likely to get selected for the show.

•Any attraction- always take the left line when the line breaks. Everyone instinctively goes to the right.

•Disney's Electrical Parade- Best viewing location is in Liberty Square.

•Teacups- This one always has a fairly short line, and is one of my favorites!

•Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin- Rumor has it you can get the picture printed for free if you get a perfect score! Don't forget to grab an I'm Celebrating button when you get 999,999

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