October 6, 2014

Becky Got In!

My friend Becky and I met a few months back to catch up and grab dinner. Over the course of conversation we both learned that we wanted to work for Disney in Spring 2015. Then we decided we could both apply and live together! Long story short Becky now dates my boyfriend's roomie. Sooo I was at the boy's house the other night and everyone seemed to be up to no good. Becky hadn't heard back yet for her DCP and I had. So a few minutes into the evening Becky tells me to come look at this guys cake. So I walk over and read the cake. First off, it is pink, so that was odd thinking it was a guy's cake. Then I read it and it says: All I needed was faith trust and pixie dust..

 Then I tilt my head and think..what??? Then Becky screamed " I GOT IN!!!"

It was so exciting to finally be able to celebrate with her! She was accepted for the role of Merchandise and has the same dates as me. That evening we celebrated in style by wearing our mouse ears (she packed a pair for me) to Taco Mac.

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