October 23, 2014

Sick Day-Calling In

Since I am currently sick I figured I would make a post about getting sick and calling out. When I worked in the Bibbdidi Bobbidi Boutique I was constantly sick because of touching the little kids faces and hands. I also had an awful respiratory thing from the hair spray fumes. Hopefully I won't be sick as much this time around! So my very first week of training I woke up one morning with a high fever and found out I had strep throat.I was in a panic worried that I was going to be sent home for being sick. I called the managers and found out that if I got a doctors note I could miss a certain amount of days (I want to say it was 5-6) and it would only be 1 point ( you can only do this once). One girl however was sick at first and just didn't call or show up for a week. DONT do this or they will send you home. You HAVE to call!

 The point system works like this.
 1 second-2 hours late = 1/2 point
2 hours late- whole day = 1 point
 3 "no shows" (not calling in) result in being termed

 You can get 3 points in 30 days 6 in 60 etc before getting a reprimand. Upon a 4th reprimand you are termed. However to have a good rehire status for extending etc you cannot have more than 5 points or 1 reprimand. The system is kind of confusing, but once it is explained to you in person it makes more sense. When you get a reprimand you have to sit down with a manager and sign off acknowledging you know what could happen next if you continue on. Calling in was a simple process. You simply call the number Disney provides and state if the day is sick or personal. As a college program participant it doesn't matter if it is sick or personal, but they have to ask that because the system is a bit different for normal full time employees.

 However some of my friends in different departments called their managers directly to call in ( they were in Entertainment)

 Another concern people have is what doctor they will see. Unless you are from Central Florida your doctor obviously won't be nearby. I had to use the urgent care right outside of Downtown Disney. I do believe they have a shuttle that will pick up college program students with out cars as well! CVS also has a service called the minute clinic. This would be a good place to go for something simple like a strep test etc.

 Just make sure to take care of yourself, get rest, and wash your hands frequently and you will be fine! Wish me luck in feeling better :)

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