February 18, 2015

Wild Side

Today I spent my day off at Animal Kingdom with my roommate Julia. We were able to ride quite a few things even though the park was very busy. We did Expedition Everest 2 times in a row on the single rider, and we never waited more than 10-15 minutes.
Please note the vlogging while riding

 Then we took our fast passes and rode Primeval Whirl. That ride is such a jerky adventure. We were placed in a ride vehicle with 2 boys that were about 8 and 11 and they said the ride was for babies. We were screaming like the ride was the scariest thing ever, I am sure the boys got a kick out of us.

Then we used another fast pass for It's Tough to be a Bug. I hate when 3D rides spit and shoot stuff at you, and this ride seems to only do that. Definitely not a favorite. Then we ventured to The Conservation Station. I had a field day here! There is a petting zoo and a live animal show that I have never been before. It was the cutest thing ever. There were pigs, a skunk,an owl, and even rats.

We then ventured to the Safari (another favorite). This was a great safari because the lions and cheetahs were very active. I am sad we missed the Giraffes, but all of the other animals were very active.

I was craving shrimp alfredo all day long. After Animal Kingdom we went to Publix and I got everything I needed to create my epic dish!!

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