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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Disney Cruise- All About The Food

My favorite part of a cruise, the food! Who doesn't like food- and DISNEY food at that! Disney is, hands down, one of the best providers for special diet menus. My mom is a vegetarian and usually she only have 1 basic menu option when she dines out (pasta dish typically). On the Disney Dream however, the options were endless for her and they were very accommodating! If you are a vegetarian going on a Disney Cruise, have no fear, you will be well taken care of!

Since this cruise was a little while back I am going to do my best at recalling where each of these dishes was from, but I can't promise perfection.

The Booths in the Enchanted Garden! I was dying to eat in one of these.
 We had our boarding lunch at The Enchanted Garden. We chose to go here over the buffet on the higher deck because I read that it was less crowded. The crowds were minimal and the food was the same as upstairs!

I love seafood. My assortment from our boarding lunch in the Enchanted Garden

Not "food" but a shot from the champagne bar. Really cute swanky place!

Our first night dinner was in the Animators Palette!  We didn't get to draw characters to project onto the screens (guessing that is only for 7 nights?) we did however have Crush interacting with all of the Guests. The restaurant slowly changes from black and white to color which was pretty neat!
This was some sort of Tortellini

Moms Vege Option- I believe this was a tomato quiche type thing

Moms black bean cakes


 Next up, breakfast! We went to the sit down breakfast in the Royal Palace. I love the theme in this restaurant, very princess!

Moms veggie omlet (?) or fritatta?? Some sort of vegetarian egg dish!

I was feeling a bit sea sick so I opted for eggs and hasbrowns

I also ordered french toast thinking it would be fairly bland for the seasick-ness...Boy was I wrong...Wayy too sweet for my liking 

Then we had lunch at the buffet!

This is clearly my plate (note the seafood)

And mom's boring vegetarian plate heheh

So we only got one order of room service, so I can't give too much feedback on that. We brought wine on board ( you can bring a few bottles per room) so we enjoyed a glass of wine and room service cheese plate before dinner!

Next up for dinner is Enchanted Gardens! This was also Pirate Night for our cruise. I felt silly wearing "pirate attire" to dinner, but trust me, EVERYONE does! 

This was some sort of seafood ravioli appetizer 

Ahi Tuna! My Favorite!

Mom's Vegetable Spring Roll

Spinach Salad

Sea Bass- My favorite dish from the cruise! SO AMAZING

I honestly can't recall what this is...whoops?!

Dessert Assortment- nothing too fantastic

Sponge Cake?

The Pirate Night- Midnight Buffet....the worst scene for a vegetarian. They had a nacho bar and turkey legs...They also had made to order crepes but we weren't overly impressed.


Traditional Turkey Leg

The only photo I took from the Royal Palace dinner was of my french onion soup. I thought it might taste similar to the one served in Epcot (Chefs De France), since they are both Disney, but then I remembered the Epcot restaurant is a 3rd party operator...oh well..it was still decent

 So my food rating (for a cruise) would be a 8.5/10

They have lots of vegetarian options, a good variety of meats, clean buffets, and amazing service!



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Checking In: March 2017

Life has been great! I am enjoying my job, have an amazing boyfriend, and have been going on lots of fun adventures. I plan to keep writing and posting as much as possible, but since this is the type thing I do at work all day sometimes I want to avoid a computer screen as much as possible at home. I am going to work on posting more travel reviews from past cruises and other trips! Stay tuned!

Making: Chicken and Cheese biscuit casserole 
Eating: Tropical Smoothie Cafe  
Shopping: Swimsuits for the summer! 
Drinking: Michelob Ultra, super basic and DIY chai lattes! 

Celebrating: Quarter Life Crisis- 25th bday coming up! 
Following: Tone it Up accounts, great meal prep ideas #TIU
Watching: Shameless- fun fact, one of the lead actresses used to do theater with me

Listening: All things Sam Hunt 
Traveling: Just got back from a weekend in St. Augestine
Planning: A cruise in May! 
Hashtagging: #MCM- Man Crush Monday, for my cute boyfriend 
Learning: All sorts of new things on my Buick Encore, Lola! 
Hoping: That my shorts from last summer fit this summer!
Considering: Attempting Paddle boarding
Goals: More meal prepping and less eating out- saves money! 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Disney Cruise- Pirate Night

Yo ho Yo ho - A Pirate's Life For Me! 

Pirate night on the Disney Dream was so much fun! I was nervous at first that only the kids would be dressed up, but boy was I wrong!

What to wear on pirate night

There are a few levels of intensity that I witnessed on Pirate night. There are the families that had head to toe full accessories and were super committed. Then there were the people like my mom and I, dressed up but not too intense. Then there were people that either didn't get the memo or just didn't care and wore their normal attire and perhaps added the bandana (Disney leaves a pirate bandana in your stateroom for every guest!)

If you have kids I say go for the 100% themed costumed attire. The kids will love this and you'll get some really cute photos. If you aren't comfortable dressing all the way up, I recommend dressing how my mom and I did. I'd say about 60-70% of people had some sort of pre-planned costume.

 I took a black and gray flowy dress and added leggings underneath it to keep warm in the evening. Then I added a simple white button down (It's actually a pool cover up that i tied into a shirt) with a large red belt over top. My mom wore a white peasant style top with black pants. Of course we wore hoop earrings and the bandanas provided from the cruise.

pirate night disney cruise outfit

 The "crew" was even dressed up for the occasion.

pirate night disney cruise outfit with crew
 Late in the evening there was a deck party with a buffet as well as fireworks at sea. I must admit the fireworks at sea are pretty amazing! Also, there is a pirate show with Jack Sparrow.

The buffet wasn't great for mom (she's a vegetarian), but I of course enjoyed the ever so famous turkey leg!

disney cruise pirate night buffetdisney cruise pirate night buffet

They also had crepes at the buffet that were pretty good, the line was just very long to get them! 
disney cruise pirate night crepes

Arrrr! I'm a pirate!

disney cruise pirate night bandana outfit

Monday, October 10, 2016

Disney Dream Cruise- Vacation Tips

About 6 months later I am finally getting around to posting my Disney Dream Cruise review. My mom and I went on this cruise back in March out of Port Canaveral. The Disney Dream is beautiful! If you enjoying cruising and you love Disney; I promise you won't be disappointed.

Pre Cruise Tips

Before going on your cruise there are some things I recommend doing. My mom and I did the 3 night itinerary that went to The Bahamas and Disney's private island Castaway Cay. 

Tip 1: Make a packing list and stick to it

Mom and I packed so many extra outfit options that we didn't even touch. The things that are most important are swim wear, dinner attire, day clothes, and a light jacket. Of course I packed about 6 different dinner outfits for this trip (even though only 3 would have be appropriate) 

Tip 2: Make Door Decor for Your Stateroom

On Disney cruises door decorating is a huge trend! I was nervous to decorate the door for fear that we'd be the only ones doing it and would look silly. It seemed that about 30-40% of the rooms had door decor (some even had Fish Extenders, a pocket like hanger used on the door to exchange trinkets with other cruisers) I printed our door designs (each Mickey was the size of an 8x11 piece of paper) laminated the sheets, cut the shapes, then applied magnet strips to the back. The decorations stayed on the door with zero issue. My Mickey was inspired by Marie from The Aristocats (one of my favorite animated characters), and my mom's was inspired by Eeyore. The smaller Mickeys and anchors are filled with tropical Lilly Pulitzer patterns. These are also very helpful when you can't remember which room is yours!

Tip 3: BYOB- Bring Wine On Board

Most people don't realize that each passenger (21+) is allowed to bring 2 bottles (750ml) of wine or champagne on board with them. This is a great way to help the cost of alcohol on board since Disney doesn't yet offer drinking packages. However, this wine cannot be consumed in public areas (you can have it at dinner with a corkage fee). 

Tip 4: Research!

Researching before your trip is so important. If you are reading this you on are the right track! There is so much to do onboard the Disney Dream that you could easily miss some of the headlining activities if you didn't plan ahead. Pirate night requires planning ahead (unless you want to drop $60 for an onboard costume) as do certain excursions and dining reservations. 

Tip 5: Arrive The Night Before

If you are coming from far away I highly recommend getting a hotel in the Port Canaveral area the night before your cruise begins. This way you can get to the port early and hop right on board stress free. The Disney Dream began boarding around 11am when my mom and I went in March. 

Stay tuned for the full cruise review! 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Checking in: October

I am re-designing my page! Since I am beginning my blogging journey all over again I decided a new page layout and theme (and of course official domain name) was in order. The checking in theme is going to be re-vamped as well, but in the mean time, please enjoy my October check in!

Making: Buffalo Chicken dip for football season and Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip with ginger snaps (also for tailgating) 
Eating: Beef, and tons of it (finally gave in on the vegetarian thing) 
Shopping: Online, Amazon Prime is a dangerous thing/ Also on the quest for winter boots 
Drinking: Still on that seltzer water kick- also been craving a root beer float badly 

Celebrating: Halloween month! So many costume ideas
Following: Lots of fitness and yoga accounts #inspiration 
Watching: Parks and Recreation (Still prefer The Office, but I'm giving it a go)
Listening: Chainsmokers- Closer (it just doesn't get old)
Discovering: My new iphone 7, I am like a kid in a candy store on that thing (upgraded from a 5)
Buying: Leotards
Traveling: Heading home to Atlanta for Thanksgiving! 
Planning: My trip to Chicago
Hashtagging: #MNSSHP - love looking at the costumes
Learning: How to properly use the gym equipment (twas a struggle) 
Hoping: Ohio State football doesn't lose their winning streak 
Considering: Creating an Etsy account to sell things (but what things is the issue?) 
Goals: I have accomplished the gym attendance goal. My new goal is to attend at least 4 nights per week, consistently, 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Heading To The Windy City

The trip is booked! I am heading to the Windy City in less then 2 months! My best friend Hillari has invited me to spend a long weekend with her and her hubby (and of course the two fur babies!)

Short story about Hillari: We have been friends for over a decade and grew up performing in theater shows together. We ended up attending the same college and are even sorority sisters. Sadly, she nows lives in Chicago with her hubby, BUT this means I get to explore a new place and see one of my best friends at the same time!

We have so much planned, and I am SO excited to explore a new city. I have started making a mental to-do list (with the help of Hillari), and what better way to compose my list than to blog it! I need to get back into the groove of blogging and this is my kick start.

Whisk for Brunch

Hillari recommended a super yummy sounding brunch spot called, Whisk. The best part about this place, it is BYOB! Most of their breakfast entrees are candy bar themed and of course the tribute to Ron Swanson on their website header caught my eye. 

The Bean- Millennium Park 

The Bean, "Cloud Gate," is one of the first landmarks that comes to my mind when I think of Chicago (besides the Oprah Show, RIP) The best part about this attraction, it's free! I'm excited I have a new phone that has the storage space to hold all of the selfies I intend to take here. 

Hamilton- The Musical

This one is a long shot but, we plan to go to the Private Bank Theater and attempt the ticket lottery every night I am in town. Fingers crossed we can score some tickets. If not, at least I can get something in the gift shop (Hamilton Obsessed) 

Willis Tower- Sky Deck

This is another must do on my list! I am dying to snap that iconic photo sitting in the glass box that hangs over the city. 

Lawrence Fish Market

Hillari follows a fish market on Instagram that posts vivid, beautiful photos of massive sushi platters. Hillari and I both have a weakness for amazing sushi, so this is an item on the to do list. Check them out on insta  (@Lawrence_Fish_Market) Warning: you will crave sushi after viewing their photos. 

Sue, The T- Rex

The nerd inside of me is dying to go to The Field Museum. Fun fact, there is a replica of Sue in Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park, but I am pretty pumped to see the real thing. The Field Museum also has some other exhibits that sound pretty amazing as well.

Christmas In Chicago

Christmas decorations are one of my favorite things. Hillari has overwhelmed me with Christmas events we can partake in. From caroling at The Bean, ice skating, and the ChristKindlMarket.

The next big step to this trip is attire....I realized I don't own a "real" pair of gloves, let alone a wind breaking winter jacket. Florida life has spoiled me with flip flops and swim suits. Any packing tips for this Florida girl who can't handle temperatures below 60? I would love to hear some ideas of things to do as well. I want to have the tourist experience of course and see all the "must dos", but I also want to feel like a local and check out the "hole in the wall" places as well. 

I can't wait to pack my bags and head to The Windy City of Chicago!