February 17, 2020

Certified Meeting Professional- CMP

Prior to taking my Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) exam, I realized there were minimal blog posts and tips about the exam online. Hopefully some of this information will help future CMPs with their exam.

Prior to the test I signed up for a study group through my local Meeting Professionals International (MPI) chapter. This was roughly 2 months of once per week classes. Each class we'd review 1 (or 2) domains in depth. The class was really helpful because I met other test-takers and was able to really dive deep into the content. I finished my class around December 15th or so and my exam was January 18th. I would recommend an exam date much closer to class conclusion so the material is fresh in your mind. I thought the opposite and assumed more study time would be helpful- but let's be real- I didn't study any extra with the time I had. I crammed ALOT the week before, but the other additional weeks I don't think I needed as a benefit.

I HIGHLY recommend watching Joanne Dennison's videos on Youtube. She breaks down some of the math formulas and really helps you get a grasp on them.

I know there are multiple study programs offered through various organizations (MPI, PCMA, etc).. I felt that taking 1 class was sufficient, but if you have the time of funds to take two- I don't think it would hurt..

Initially I started making flashcards of everyyy word in the glossary. I think I made it to B or C before realizing this was overkill. I instead focused on terms from the EIC text that were new to me (and formulas) and made flash cards with these. Another huge tip that helped me- As I was studying the material, I took handwritten notes in class and at home. They say hand writing things helps you retain them.. Then I would take the notes a week or so later and type them into a word document. This way I was re-visiting the info.. Then I had an extremely lengthy PDF document to use to study. Having my own study guide was so helpful because I had written the notes with my learning style and included little tips and tricks to remember certain things. 

Test Day- Test day was so nerve wrecking. I picked the AM testing slot so I could basically wake up, get ready, and go! I was able to review a 1 pager I created right before walking in, but at this point- if you don't know it- you don't know it....so why bother stressing and last second cramming. I wore super comfy (and warm) clothing since I heard the testing center was cold. I wore leggings, nikes, and my favorite long sleeve tshirt. Don't feel obligated to wear "work clothes" -that is fully unnecessary. The testing center is full of other testers who are taking various  exams (not just CMP). Do be aware that some exams that others are taking my require vigorous typing, but they give you headphones to wear so the sound isn't distracting. When you go in for the exam they will give you a locker for your phone etc.. I don't even think I was allowed to take in a bottle of water- but you can excuse yourself and go to the restroom/water fountain if necessary, but this will cut into your testing time. I had enough time at the end of my exam to go back through every single question (briefly though- didn't want to second guess to much). Even once I finished I had maybe 45-60 minutes left in my testing time. They give you ample testing time- so don't stress about that! At the end of the exam you'll click submit and then agree and then submit and then submit- it felt like I had to click this 50 times. Then there will be a spinning wheel that spins, and spins, and spins....THEN you get the results! I will say- it doesn't say in huge letters or anything dramatic "YOU PASSED"- so initially I kind of second guessed and re-read the screen to double check that I passed. I guess I was expecting virtual confetti and fireworks-ha...

Once I passed I went to Total Wine and bought the cheapest champagne to explode everywhere and then a nice champagne to drink! 

Please comment below if you have any specific questions- I'd love to help if I can!!

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