March 31, 2016

Checking In: March 2016

Making: Super burnt chicken breast. I left the chicken in the oven, and my rommie and I discovered it because of the burning smell.

Wondering: How people who work 9-5 office jobs stay in shape and don't snack their life away
Eating: Danish Kringle from Trader Joe's and Tamales
Shopping: Desk supplies for the new job, EVERYWHERE
Hosting: My birthday outing next Wednesday!
Drinking: Cabernets, obsessed.

Celebrating: My birthday is 7 days from now. I am turning 21, again x 2
Following: Kate Upton on Snapchat, don't judge me
Watching: The Office. No clue why I hadn't gotten into this show earlier. Dwight is my spirit animal. 
Listening: 106.7 in the morning. Finally I am up and driving around to enjoy AM talk radio again
Discovering: Nail polish. I paint my nails every day now, and it makes me feel put together. 
Buying: Anything for work. Dress clothes, office decor, lunchbox etc
Traveling: Just went on a Disney cruise with my mom in early March. We took the Disney Dream to the Bahamas, and it was wonderful! (There will also be a post for this)
Liking: Anything posted by SOML (story of my life) on Buzzfeed 
Hashtagging:#lillypulitzer Spring is here!! 

Learning: Adulting can be fun when you do it right! Happy hours are the best :) 
Hoping: I can get start a better sleep schedule and get used to waking up before sunrise every morning
Considering: Getting a credit card that collects points, any ideas?
Goals: Drinking more water and going to the gym! ( I think the gym goal is going to be a common trend) 

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