April 19, 2015

Professional Internship - I Got It!

Ok so I had been keeping my application process a secret, but now I can officially announce that I got a Professional Internship!!!!! I will be working Epcot Operations Support starting in June. I am so beyond excited about this role. From what I have gathered I will be responsible for all cast member events at Epcot as well as assisting in the Cast Service Center. I applied late February. I had my screener and got my drop down around March 20th. Then around March 27th I had an interview with the Epcot Ops department. I was accepted April 8th! It was the best thing ever.  I was headed to Publix with my work friend Catherine. I got a call from a 407 number and freaked out. It was Randy from recruiting. I knew calls from Randy were usually a good sign, but I tried to keep composure incase it was bad news. He asked me a series of questions about Disney look, transportation etc. Then he said "I have one more question for you, would you like a PI?" I screamed so loud (poor Randy). My friend Catherine made a short video clip of me freaking out. I will post that as soon as I can figure out how to upload it. Can't wait to share all of my PI stories with you guys!!!

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