May 1, 2015

Deployed- Pop Century

I have been deployed to a new work location. At first I was freaking out. I hate new things. I love my work location and friends, and I didn't want to be away from them. Concierge cast members are very frequently deployed. I think once you hit 60 days in your location they are able to send you where ever they'd like. Luckily another CP from Coronado was deployed with me, that made it less scary. Honestly it is going just fine though. The vibe is way different because I am used to convention guests at Coronado. I love my costume though! Yay for skirts! When you are deployed you get a 2 hour class about the new location before you start working. That was really helpful. Luckily I have stayed at Pop Century so I am pretty familiar with it as well. Look at my new costume for the next two weeks :)

My lovely costume for the week

Apparently my skirt was too short- oops!

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