May 1, 2015

Life Update

Ok...So much has happened over the past month or so  and I feel awful that I haven't included you guys on it! So I have made tons of amazing friends on my college program. Sadly some of them leave within the next month or so. I really hate that about the DCP. You make amazing friends, but then most of them leave to go home.

I got my professional internship and that starts mid June! I am so excited to be working at Epcot (my favorite park)!

I am moving into a new apartment, and my roommate is going to be Kate. I can't wait to finally have a real apartment and a bed bigger then a twin!

I am going to fill you in on random life events through the month in pictures :)

Dapper Day

House of Blues

St Patricks Day

My roomie- Kate

Universal Studios

23rd Birthday Party

Tutu Tango

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