August 20, 2015

DCP Housing Tour- Chatham

One of the most exciting parts of the DCP is housing. You have the opportunity to live with new people from all around the world. I was in a 3 bedroom unit in Chatham Square. There were 6 girls total. Here are some photos of our unit! Chatham is my favorite complex. I love how it is in the center of Patterson and The Commons so it makes hanging out with friends easy. I also love the social aspect of Vista Way, but the units aren't as nice. Patterson has the most updated units. The Commons has some of the best floor plans. Honestly, any complex is fine!
I put fabric around my bulletin board to make it prettier

Bed is on risers and curtains are hung with tension rod

Hung frame and jewelry with command hooks

guess which clothes are mine :-P

These storage container things are life savers!

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