August 14, 2015

My Role: Cast Service Center Specialist

" The Cast Member Concierge"

The easiest way to sum up my Professional Internship. I am currently a Cast Service Center Specialist based in Epcot. Originally I was going to be in a different role, but due to some changes in departments I am now in the cast service center. The Cast Service Specialist role is considered an "alumni only" role for the professional internships. If you are interested in this role you would need to complete a Disney College Program before applying.

 Some of you might be wondering what exactly a cast service specialist is. We cover so many areas in our role. We are basically a concierge desk for cast members. We handle HR questions, career questions, resume assistance, benefits questions etc. The centers have resources available for cast members to rent (Books and DVDs). We also have a computer lab as well as faxing, printing, and copying services. As a cast service specialist I also get to help with events at Epcot. Yesterday we had our annual cast party (an event for all Epcot cast featuring food, entertainment, and characters) Other events I have assisted with include cultural celebrations in the World Showcase as well as hallway handouts. Another fun part of my role is that I get to go all over Disney property. Most days I am working at Epcot, but sometimes I have shifts in the other parks as well. There are cast service centers in each park (including water parks), each resort, Downtown Disney, and Espn Wide World of Sports.

If you are interested in applying to this internship feel free to send me a message or comment with any questions!!!

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  1. Hello Nicole,

    I absolutely love your blog. It gives me insight on the DCP and the role of concierge. I just got accepted to the Fall advantage program 2016. I would love to speak to you and ask you some questions if you wouldn't mind. I think you would be a great help in preparing me for my fall internship. My email is and my facebook is Christy Marie Rivas . Feel free to message me which ever is more comfortable for you , I would realllllyyyyy appreciate it<3 Again love the blog and keep it up :)