September 15, 2015

Dapper Day

Since Fall 2015 Dapper Day is right around the corner I decided to make a post about this past Spring Dapper Day! I am excited for the Fall Dapper Day because it should be cooler outside. The spring event was so extremely hot and miserable. I have no clue how the ladies in heels, long dresses, and wigs handled the heat.
Becky was very dedicated for Dapper Day and wore heels!

For Fall Dapper Day I have decided that I am going to do the "full out" thing and just go to the park for an hour or two. Here are some of my thoughts for outfits and hair inspiration. I can't decided if I want to go for the 1920's look or the vintage nautical style, or something totally different. 

Taylor Swift's style is also a huge inspiration for my Dapper Day attire!

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