April 29, 2016

Checking In: April 2016

Making: Inside out cabbage rolls Recipe Here
Eating: Toast with coconut oil as "butter"
Shopping: New York and Co....Business Casual 
Hosting: Nothing, uh, I need to have a summer party
Drinking: Sparkling Flavored Water (Grapefruit is amazing)
Reading: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (again!) 
Celebrating: SO many birthdays in April! Mine, Kate's, Ashleigh's...
Following: Refinery 29
Watching: Game of Thrones is BACK!!!
Listening: WSB in the morning (Herman Cain)
Discovering: Podcasts...any recommendations?
Buying: Work clothes and a tire (got a nail in mine) 
Working: 9-5, its great! Having weekends off is the best  
Traveling: Nothing huge lined up at the moment...Maybe I'll head up to Gainesville and see the 'rents soon
Liking: PaperMate pens for work
Hashtagging: #24 , yes I'm another year older....

Learning: Not having a car is the worst feeling ever. I need to start saving for a new car
Hoping: To have some beach plans in the near future!
Thanking: Everyone who drove me to work the week that my car was out of commission and in the shop!
Goals: More home cooked meals and less eating out! 

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