April 14, 2016

The 3 Day Military Diet- Day 2

So technically you aren't supposed to weigh yourself daily on this diet, but of course my curiosity got the best of me. I have dropped 1.8 pounds since I began this diet. I feel like almost 2 pounds in 1 day is a pretty decent accomplishment. The goal of this is to be able to button my summer 2015 shorts again!

Breakfast- So for some reason I haven't had breakfast yet today. It is currently 9:30am. I think that ice cream made me so full last night (and almost sick feeling) that my appetite isn't ready for more food. I have had about 1/2 a glass of hot tea. Hot tea isn't in the diet today, but the kind I am drinking has 0 calories so it was mildly acceptable for the diet!

I finally caved and ate breakfast around 10:15. I made the toast with smooshed boiled egg on top. Of course I also added mustard and hot sauce to this dish. I am saving my 1/2 banana for an 11-12pm snack.

I gave in and ate the banana at 11:30pm. I sliced it in tiny pieces to think I was eating more. 

Lunch- For lunch today I was allowed 1 boiled egg, 5 saltine crackers, and 1/2 cup cottage cheese. I devoured the boiled egg covered in mustard right at 1pm. I also ate the cottage cheese with salt at 1pm too. I saved the saltines for a 3pm snack, and they went away super fast as well!

Mustard makes everything amazing

The cottage cheese wasn't bad with added salt!

Dinner- This is when the disaster strikes. I was out shopping and snacked on some of the carrots I had packed ( I brought 1/2 the  dinner portion to work for a snack, and never touched them during my shift). I was headed home and my check engine light started flashing and my car begin riding horribly. I took it to the car shop and my roommate picked me up. At this point it was almost 830pm and all I had was my lunch and the carrot snacks. I was SO close to giving up and asking my roommate to drive me through fast food. By the time I got home I was so flustered with the turn of events that food wasn't even on my mind. I quickly put the broccoli steamer bag in the microwave and put my 2 hot dogs on the stove top to give them a burnt crispy texture. 

Dinner of Champions!

Of course I added mustard and hot sauce to the hot dogs. I also added Mrs. Dash and salt/pepper to my broccoli. I intended to add lemon juice, but it was too chaotic and I Just wanted to eat. Honestly, I was hardly able to finish the broccoli. In the mean time I had my carrots boiling on the stove top. Once they were nice and soft I ate a few, but again my appetite wasn't fully there. About an hour passed and I devoured my ice cream with the banana. Its funny because I had sweet cravings this night (less ice cream to eat) and night 1 I had salty cravings (more ice cream).

Bananas and ice cream!

I wanted so badly to pour myself a glass of wine this evening after my car drama, but I resisted!!!

Just wait till you hear the drama from day 3...Up Next!


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