April 15, 2016

The 3 Day Military Diet- Day 3

UH the dreaded day 3..I began this day with 0 pounds lost! (Since day 2)I had an event at work today so I knew I was going to be outside on my feet for most of the day. The thought of serving FOOD at an event sounded awful. Surprisingly it went smoothly though and I was too busy to think of my own eating.

Breakfast- I avoided eating until about 1030am again this day. I had my saltine crackers with small pieces of cheese on each. I decided to save the apple for later, but ironically I never ate the apple on this day.

Lunch- My lunch came around 2pm, and I ate the egg smooshed with mustard on the toast. I also took 1 can of tuna from dinner and added it to my lunch. I ate the tuna with a fork and of course added hot sauce and mustard.

Between lunch and dinner I had a whole bunch of car drama. I found out my car was going to need serious repairs! I was out dealing with that until about 8pm. By the time I got home I was so ready to cheat and just say forget it! However, I had come so far I knew I could finish without breaking the rules.

Dinner- So 1 can of tuna sounded awful. I opted for a hot dog for dinner this evening. I figured that was a fair substitution. I also added some sauerkraut to my hot dog on the side. This is so low calorie, and after my day I figured  I deserved it. I made the typical ice cream and banana dessert dish, and then I was finished!!! I was so excited to eat real food.

THE VERDICT:  I lost 2.6 pounds total...was it worth it, not at all! I wasn't too miserable, but I missed being able to eat what I was craving. This diet taught me alot about portion control and calorie realization. It took so much will power to not cheat throughout the diet. I think its recommendable if you want to learn about portion control, cravings, and calorie content...but I don't plan to reprise this!

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  1. Like you, I have much to say about the 3 Day Military diet. It was like a sugar detox for me since I was weaned away from sugar. The low carb diet suited me fine since I love vegetables, fruits and lean meat. Most days, I was eating tofu to substitute meat portions, which the diet allowed. It has the flexibility I want and the set menu helped me a lot to eat right. I know that there's still a lot of things to change, but I'm happy I made the first move with this diet. See it here http://3daysmilitarydiet.com/diet-plan/military-diet-day-2.html