January 7, 2015

All about DORMS

DORMS is Disney's new (ish) system for housing registration. I have mixed opinions about the new system. I think it makes things 100% easier from Disney's perspective, but I also think it is less fair for residents. When I did my Spring 2012 College Program I lined up at Vista Way at 3am to get first dibs on housing choices. Now everything is done online, and you aren't really given any choices.

I made a vlog to explain the DORMS process.

Here are some helpful tips for the DORMS process:

•Make sure you have your vehicle tag # and drivers license # handy if you are bringing a car
•Select a leader in your group of roomies (this person will log in first)
•Be ready to rank housing options that will fit your group and larger (example: 6 girls don't have to rank 1 and 2 bedrooms)
•Make sure after the leader logs in and ranks the housing options that each roommate logs in one at a time. If you all log in together it will mess things up in the system
•You have the chance to go back and print everything after the fact, so don't freak out if your printer isn't handy when you complete the process.
•I got my email 13 days prior to my program (not 10)
•Keep calm and DORMS on :)

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