January 29, 2015

Coronado Springs- Mi Casa

I had my first day of training at Coronado Springs yesterday! My shift was from 1230-9 so I got to finally sleep in!! I spent about an hour in costuming with my trainer. Being 5'9 it was quite  a struggle finding pants to fit. Luckily I was able to finallly find some. I feel like a very sexy green asparagus in my costume

I spent some time with my trainer touring backstage areas. Then we learned how to bank in and then I actually got to shadow her on the desk. Towards the end of the evening I got to even check in a few guests. Everything went really well!! I love my resort. It is so pretty. The front desk has a giant window where you can see the huge lake on the resort property. This is a nice change from my 100% interior Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Sadly the concierge desk does not face the window, but all I have to do is turn around to look outside! 

When I came home from work I had a package waiting for me. My roomies had texted me that there was a package for me. I thought it was my retainer being shipped from my dentist so I didn't think anything of it. Because of the retainer I was truly surprised to find flowers sent from Brayton!!! I'd say he deserves the best boyfriend ever award! Thanks Baby!!!

After work I went to rewind Wednesday at House Of Blues. It was so fun! They played throw back music, and a few current hits too. The only downside was that it was soooo cold walking from the bus stop to House of Blues. 

I even ran into an old friend (Amanda) from my last cp at House of Blues!!

Today was my day off and I went park hopping! I will post about that shortly!

Talk to yall soon :) 

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