January 16, 2015

One More Day!

Tomorrow is my final day in my college town of Kennesaw. It is very bittersweet. I had to say goodbye to everyone at work today, and that was so hard because they are like a family to me. Luckily lots of my co workers come to Disney frequently so I will be able to catch up with them! I have to say goodbye to my boyfriend tomorrow, that will suck. But on the bright side of things I am heading to ORLANDO!

I got my DORMS check in time (10-11am) so I am going to meet my roomies (they all have the same time) about 30 minutes before we head in. I am finally about 95% packed. I just have to place everything in my backseat, my trunk is loaded. Here is my final packing vlog.

I can't wait to share my journey with everyone!!!
See ya real soon Orlando!


  1. Ahhh good luck with the move & check-in. I'm still 2 weeks away so I'm living vicariously through everyone haha.


  2. Aw Shae I am glad you are enjoying my blog! Thanks :)