January 25, 2015

Lilo- My New Best Friend

Lilo.. You will either lover her or hate her. Lilo is the name of the lodging software used at check in. My training class today consisted of learning alll about Lilo. It was fun because we actually got to act out a fake check in scenario in a lab that looked just like a real lobby. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but concierge roles train in front desk first. Then after we have that under our belt we move to train in concierge. It is important for concierge to understand the check in system so they can help at the desk during peak times.

My class was from 8-430. It was a long day, but luckily we had lots of breaks. I have 2 more days of this training class. Then I believe I have a 9 hour work day on location THEN I finally have a day off. People weren't kidding when they said concierge had the longest most intensive training. All of my roomies have had like every other day off and I am going to have 6 days solid by the end of this week.

I finally got access back to the Hub today. The Hub is Disney's system for cast members to use. You can find out cast member info, ask time off, look up discounts etc. The system is pretty fun to play around on and find out what all cast members can do!

After work I went to Hollywood Studios with my roomies Emily and Carly. The crowds were pretty bad, but we realized it was because of extra magic hours. It was also pretty chilly. Ha, it's 65-55 in FL and we think it's "cold"

Time for bed now...have to be up for work in about 6 hours, yay!



  1. Hey Nicole! I'm Hospitality/Front Desk and was worried about not being able to pick up everything quick enough but it sounds like we get lots of training, which is good! Good luck with the rest of training, I'm interested to see how your actual Concierge training goes, I would love to move into that role someday :)

  2. You will have TONS of training. Disney doesn't want to send anyone on stage that is lost. Your trainers will help you so much :)

  3. Is it normal to not receive access to the Hub until you've been there a while? I would have thought you got access on your check-in day.

    1. Hi Ellen. It usually takes about a week to get access. You gain access during your role specific training