January 27, 2015

Front Desk Training Part 1 Complete!

I am finally finished with my "destination cashier" classes!  As a front desk cashier you will learn all about the check in process. Once you have a good grounding with that role you will switch over to concierge ( I have heard this takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks).

So for front desk you will have about 5 days of training at Disney University. Then I have about 5 days of on the job training with a trainer by my side. After those 5 days I will be solo at the desk, and then hopefully move to concierge quickly!

I start my on the job training at Coronado Springs tomorrow!! I went to my resort today to figure out where I needed to park, get my costume, etc. I can't wait to post my new costume selife picture (lol)

I refuse to go to a park tonight! It gets so exhausting, but it is really fun. I have a long time here and need to focus on keeping myself well rested. I am excited that I don't have to be up at the crack of down tomorrow. So tomorrow I can actually eat a real breakfast and care about doing my hair and makeup.

Talk to yall soon!!

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