January 23, 2015

First Day Of Training

Today was my first day of training. I had to be up bright and early for a 730-1130am shift. When I left my apartment this morning it was still pretty dark outside. Luckily it wasn't too cold though. My class today was called welcome to operations. Anyone working at a Disney park or resort will have to take this course. We went over the importance of the Four Keys and learned lots of new safety things. My facilitators were amazing! Luckily they kept the class upbeat and fun!

After I got off work at 1130am I went to the Disney Cast Member employee store (cast connections). This store is filled with damaged items for 75% off and sometimes even higher. I found a Lilly Pulitzer scarf for 75% off and I can't even tell you what's wrong with it! I also got a little journal book and a gift to send back home to my boyfriend, Brayton.

I went to Epcot this afternoon with my DCP 2012 friend Melanie! We walked around World Showcase, met Mulan, and rode a few rides (including the whimpy green Mission Space heheh, Thanks Mel)

I am currently trying to upload my vlogs from the past few days. The internet here is so iffy. One day its super fast and the next day it doesn't work at all.. Eeek. Luckily I have this blog to share my thoughts on while the vlog isn't getting any action!!

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