January 23, 2015


Yesterday I had my traditions class! Luckily I had session 2 and was able to sleep in. I got on the bus at 1:30 and my class began at 2:30. Word of advice. If you have a 2:30 class you will be there till about 7:30 and there isn't a meal break. So eat a heavy lunch and pack lots of snacks!

They have changed a few things in Traditions. They got rid of the games and such. I was bummed about this because I enjoyed the interactive factor of that. Instead it was mainly videos and audio clips this time around. The class lasted about 3 hours with 1 bathroom/snack break.

Attire wise.. I would say that most people had on dress clothes. Traditions currently allows people to wear dark wash jeans. I think most people avoided this because it is such a new change over. However, there were a few people in jeans and that was acceptable. It seemed like lots of people weren't really in Disney Look (in my opinion), but they didn't seem to be too strict.

OH!! So I am 99.999% positive I saw Johnny Depp during my walking tour of Traditions. Me and one girl were like omg its him!!!! Still haven't confirmed this, but I am hoping it was truly him.

I won't explain in full detail what goes on at Traditions so everyone can be surprised!!!!

Talk you to soon :)

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